17 August 2008

John Zorn, "Big" John Patton - Live Austria 1988

Looking back through the blog, I see that no Zorn recordings have been posted, which is surprising considering all the Masada and Bladerunner stuff that was upped at Church #9. I can't say that I like his more esoteric stuff, but this concert really swings.


Special OlympiansSaalfelden Jazz Festival
Saalfelden, Austria
August 28, 1988
01 Unknown
02 Unknown
03 Unknown
04 Unknown

John Zorn - alto
John Patton - organ
James 'Blood' Ulmer - guitar
Bobby Previte - drums

Patton seems an unlikely partner for Zorn, being a veteran of numerous 60s and 70s Blue Note albums in the company of people like Grant Green. Ulmer was a member of Patton's trio in the 60s so maybe that's where the introduction to Zorn came about. However it happened it certainly was a worthwhile combination. Nothing too wild or adventurous about this, but it sure hits the right spot

Links in comments. Many thanks to moretoonz for seeding. Lineage uncertain, but excellent sound quality.


Boromir said...

VBR link


King Kennytone said...

Hello jazz enthusiasts

this set was recently posted elsewhere with the date given as 1988, & the tune titles are as follows:

1. unknown (12:16)
2. Along Came John (22:07)
3. The Way I Feel (20:54)
4. Minor Swing (24:13)

August 28th 1988
Saalfelden, Austria

||\` _-_¬` \\_____


jazzme said...

Was wondering if anyone knows how to get invited into church # 9 Steve

kinabalu said...

Church # 9 is closed. Welcome to Church # 10.

Boromir said...

Kennytone, I think you are right about the date. The etree database has 1988. I guess somebody misread a handwritten date somewhere along the line. Thanks for the correction and the track details.

ubu said...

't was me who posted that info on the other place. I think it comes from comments from more knowledgeable dimers - it's often useful to check the comments again a week or so after shows have been upped, many times you'll get additional info!

Anonymous said...

another site lists Track 1 as "Jakey"

centrifuge said...

boromir, thanks for this one - only just getting round to it.

steve/jazzme - kinabalu is correct, c#9 was closed almost a year ago now. the blog has never been deleted but was "sealed off" to prevent us from having to strip out all the links from older posts. many blogs never got round to removing their bookmarks to it, hence the understandable confusion...

satyricon said...

thanks for this one. great to hear Blood swing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, glad wallofsound left a comment on my blog! This blog is deep.

Thanks for this one, I'm still rubbing my eyes to make sure I'm reading it correctly. Patton & Zorn?!? Damn...

红色的小喇叭 said...

Just listening to the first track, amazingly powerful!

红色的小喇叭 said...

Larger cover-scan can be found here:
hence the first track can be "Milk and Honey"。

hulaboy said...

The studio recording is very good, and this is even better. Thank you!

Art Simon said...

Wow! Awesome recording, thanks so much!

OldHippieRick said...

here the correct set list:

Special Olympians Saalfelden Jazz Festival, Saalfelden, Austria, August 28, 1988

01 Jakey
02 Along came John
03 The Way I feel
04 Minor Swing

John Zorn, alto
Big John Patton, organ
James Blood Ulmer, guitar
Bobby Previte, drums

(¿._☮ldhippiℯяick ♪

Van Chan said...

Is this a bootleg album? Where the cover is? Somebody help me.