23 July 2008

Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Arkestra - Binghamton, NY

Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Arkestra
April 26, 1991
Binghamton, NY 
Source: Soundboard 

Disc 1: 
01. introduction 0:17
02. untitled improvisation 3:53 >
03. Somebody Else's Idea 6:38
04. East Of The Sun [1 sec. distortion] 3:50
05. Prelude To A Kiss 4:56
06. Blue Lou 6:18
07. Retrospect 9:35
08. Early Autumn 7:40
[tape flip]
09. Friendly Galaxy [9 sec. dropout] 8:52
10. Love In Outer Space 7:40
11. Nameless One #2 11:39
Total time: 71:16

Disc 2:
01. Sunset On The Nile [some mic shorting in & out] 9:49
02. "Thank You" 1:11
[abrupt start]
03. They'll Come Back [5 sec. dropout] 6:60
04. "Thank You Thank You" 1:51
Total time: 19:50

[some mic/amp "buzzing" in several spots throughout the recording]

Alternate tracking suggestion:
Put tracks 1-8 on disc 1 and the remaining tracks on disc 2.
Then the original tape side 1 would be on disc 1 and tape side 2 would be on disc 2.

MC - Mike Newmark (WHRW)

Sun Ra - piano, synthesizer
Ahmed Abdullah - trumpet, vocals
Jothan Callins - trumpet, flugelhorn
Chris Capers - flugelhorn
Marshall Allen - alto sax, flute, piccolo
Noel Scott - alto sax, percussion
John Gilmore - tenor sax, clarinet, timbales, vocals
James Jacson - bassoon, percussion
John Ore - bass
Buster Smith - drums
poss. Clifford Barbaro - drums
Lorimil Machado - berimbau, percussion
Elson Nascimento - percussion
June Tyson - vocals [rlc, with help from Abdullah; note also personnel on Friendly Galaxy.] 

song notes: 
untitled improvisation (prob. Adams, tp; Ra, syn)
Somebody Else's Idea (Ra) (Tyson, voc; Allen, fl; Ra, p; Tyson and ensemble, voc; Ra, syn; Capers, flg)
East of the Sun (Bowman) (Ra, p; Gilmore, voc; prob. Adams, tp; Ra, p)
Prelude to a Kiss (Ellington-Mercer) (Ra, p; Allen, as; Ra, p)
Blue Lou (Sampson) (Scott, as; Abdullah, tp; Gilmore, ts)
Retrospect (Ra) (Ra, p, syn; Capers, flg; Ra, p; Ore, b)
Early Autumn (Herman-Mercer-Burns) (Ra, p; Callins, flg -- doing Hobart Dotson-like lead in a modification of the 1961 arrangement; Gilmore, ts; Ra, p)
Friendly Galaxy (Ra) (Abdullah, tp; Allen, fl; Gilmore, cl; Ra, p)
Love in Outer Space (Ra) (Ra, p; Gilmore, Tyson, and ensemble, voc; Allen, fl; Ra, p; Tyson and ens. voc.)
Nameless One #2 (Ra) (Abdullah, tp; Scott, as; Callins, tp; Ore, b)
Sunset on the Nile (Ra) (Allen, fl; Capers, flg; Tyson and ensemble, voc.; poss. Hill, voc; marching through the audience) 
They'll Come Back (Ra) (Tyson and ens. voc.) 


jazzme said...

Ra Ra RA RA Ra for all this Ra , Love Sun Ra , like Braxton there is never enough , great posts keep em coming .

gsrbrts2 said...

discs 1 & 2


disc 1

disc 2

1009 said...

hey, binghamton! represent upstate ny!

Tantris said...

Thanks for this, and the earlier Sun Ra post - I am burning to CD so that it can accompany me on my holiday next week, and defeat the massed ranks of emo / indie bands from my children.

lc said...
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jazzme said...

Thank goodness for switch the mp3 files come up flac

Anonymous said...

Lately the posts have been just great. You guys have been out-doing yourselves. Especially the Cherry-Tchicai, all the Frank Wright (who cares if Penck is not a great drummer) and now all this Ra. One little problem - the mp3 files on this post come up as flac -I'm not very technical, can't do anything with flac and don't know how to convert - is there any solution? Thanks for the great music (and recent pictures too) H

gsrbrts2 said...


Sorry if I messed up.

I suggest you google flac then download the program to convert flac to anything.

Anybody else got flacs files out of the MP3 links I posted?

roberto t. said...

for Anonymous. Don't do it! Find yourself a program (there are many on the web) who burnc flac files. I used to be so stupid to convert flac in mp3 so since aI found the way to burn Flac I had to throw away the mp3s I could replace with Flac. The difference is enormous!

gsrbrts2 said...

Roberto L.

I agree with you, if given the option I would also select Flacs, which can be easily conveted to WAv and burnt to CD. However, MP3s are lighter and down load quickly; it's an ideal format for slow Internet connections. I try to include both formats, but the majority select MP3s.


sotise said...

heres what you need to effectively burn flac files.... it works really well on a pc, and mac too i think.

its a freeware program that burns most common formats without conversion.

Burrrn 1.14
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You need the corresponding decoding executables and cdrdao.exe to be in the same directory as Burrrn. All necessary files are included so please don't remove them, otherwise Burrrn won't work as expected.

To burrrn a CD, just drop the audio files, playlists or cue sheets on the list, select the writing speed and press Burrrn. A window will pop up, where you can see the burrrning progress.

If you want, you can change the decoding options or, for example, use mad for decoding mp3s, but please don't forget to change it in the settings. You also have to always include '%s' as the source file and '%d' as the destination file.
Example: If you want to use clipping prevention with mpc decoding you have to change the default command line like this:
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Anonymous said...

MP3 is obsolete. It was invented back when people connected their 90 Mhz Pentium 1's to the 'net with 14,400K dialup modems. It's OK for Ipods and such, but FLAC is FAR superior because it compresses audio without loss of quality!

For FLAC decoding software for Windows and Linux, go to:

gsrbrts2 said...

Hi Anonymus,

While MP3 may be obsolete to you, not everybody has access to fast d/l ..remeber this is a global network, not all os us live in the fast lane.... That is why I offer both Flac and MP3. If you read carefully, my posts offer both.

Best, Gus...(anonymus...you afraid to show your face?)

PowerfulSpirit said...

Whenever I listen to "Somebody Else's World"(sometimes listed also as"Somebody Else's World"), I have tears in my eyes. I can't even explain this! Ra's music is fantastic!
Still, most every album is a "rarity". Even to find the official releases I have either to search the web for FLACs or order the CD. It really sux there is no music in "music stores" nowadays.
There are always some pieces to really enjoy in every Sun Ra album since late 50s.
So thanks a lot for this one, friends.

PowerfulSpirit said...

Aha, I see, this is your blog, gsrbrts2, so all the files are posted by you. O.K., thanks a lot

peskypesky said...

the mp3 links actually lead to FLAC files.

i downloaded and converted them to lossless mp4's with the program Max (for Mac OS X).

Dave said...

Thanks - wonderful stuff - no problem converting to mp3 for the iPod that's hooked up to the old HiFi in the kitchen cupboard. Now takes 3 and a half days to play all the Sun Ra on there - think that just gets me as far as the Moon...

Anonymous said...

Cool to find this!

I designed the poster for this show (his band's full name is Intergalactic Cosmo Love Dance Arkestra)

check it out: He even signed it for me


Anonymous said...

Whoops.. just noticed this was 1991 show... mine was from 88 i think.
Nevermind... lol