25 October 2017

The Jazz Doctors- intensive care 1983, FLAC, lame

Here's an update of a post originally published back in 2008, for two reasons basically. First, there was a request for a repost, and secondly, it provides an opportunity to commemorate John Jack, who was the proprietor of the Cadillac label which released this record back in 1983.

An obituary can be found here:


The rest of the post is as it was.

The Jazz Doctors - 'Intensive Care'
The Jazz Doctors: -
Frank Lowe - saxophone
Billy Bang - violin
Dennis Charles - drums
Raphael Garrett - bass

I think they only made one record (as The Jazz Doctors), although I have 2 live tapes and there might be more ?...?

Intensive Care was made for John Jack's Cadillac Records in the UK in the second half of 1983.
Anecdotally, only a few weeks after Bang & Dennis Charles had a punch-up on the bandstand in Germany, resulting in Charles losing a tooth..

The tunes on this are written by Frank Lowe (x2)
Butch Morris
Rashied Ali
Billy Bang
Jackie McLean
Ornette Coleman

I've always loved the 2nd side - but now that I listen to it again, the 1st side's not too bad either<

Worth adding is that the Cadillac label is well worth a visit, at http://www.cadillacjazz.co.uk/

The Ogun label is there too, Cadillac releases include some original vinyl pressings still available (as detailed by Wallofsound elsewhere)as well as CDs on both Cadillac and other distributed labels.

David Murray, Mike Osborne, Joe Harriott, Louis Moholo, Elton Dean, Chris McGregor etc etc etc

John & Hazel have been supporting this music for longer than many of us have been walking the planet. I'd urge support for them, and the acquisition of some great music in the process.

sermon endeth here - enjoy the Jazz Doctors."


sotise said...
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Wallofsound said...

This is a great record, from one of the most esoteric labels in Britain. And you are right about John and Hazel. They are both somewhat skeptical about the internet as well. They think that we just exchange digital files, and so never buy their records. I reckon a post from on IS gets about 100 to 300 downloads. Now if only a third of us went and bought a CD or some of John's original vinyl pressings we'd be saying thank you for all the great music they recorded and then made available. I doubt John has broken even on most of his releases even after 20 years. It's a bit of a pain ordering because you'll have to phone or email and give your credit card number, but you'll get some great, great music.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had the same experience, WoS! The last few times I tried to order directly from Cadillac / Ogun by email, I received no reply at all.

genezyp said...

I wonder if the Bang-that-Charles incident was the reason for not including any composition by the drummer on this LP :)
Thanks a lot for this one. There's a lot of music from the 70s and 80s which is almost completely forgotten - private concert tapes aside. I wish I could afford to get all the records I want from all those labels that bordered on extinction for decades. Tough luck, but I would still like it very much to get the originals as soon as I can.
Thanks again!

John V said...

sotise-this looks great!thank you so much!

John V.

MF9988 said...

amazing post. thank you so much. I'm writing to see if anyone here knows about Frank Lowe's film called Street Music. I saw in his old obit a mention of a film he produced and acted in or something called Street Music from the 80's i believe. Anyone know about this?

unitstructure said...

Great listenng.Thank you for sharing this.I especially enjoyed hearing "Spooning" which I know from a David Murray version.Are there still other recorded versions?

Anonymous said...

Been looking for this for years, thanks so much !

NARB1 said...


NARB1 said...

hullo! does anyone knows what sax and mouthpiece did mr. lowe use mostly? thanks!

marten512 said...

This is a lovely record. Hope it isn't too late to say 'thank you'.
Also, John at Cadillac is not in good health; please check his website for news.

SOTISE said...
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Pete K. said...

Frank played a Selmer Mark VI and Dukoff mouthpiece in the years we hung out and played together.

Javier Roz said...

Thanks SOTISE!

Vancouver said...

This is an amazing blog! Thank you for sharing so much interesting music. Any chance you could re-up this Jazz Doctors release? - with appreciation...

kinabalu said...

New link:


francisco santos said...

fantastic, kin!...

correct silence said...

Never took time to listen carefully to this record but it is a nice one. To re-start the topic suggested by Sottise at the source of this post, Ogun is still alive and Hazel Miller continue to produce records, one or two by years. her last album is a fantastic reissue of Elton Dean "The Welcomet", originally published on "Impetus" and augmented with more than half an hour of music. it is nice to say thank you when a new post or an update is coming but where is the consciousness for supporting the musicians or producers that are still alive?