15 July 2008

Frank Wright - Run with the cowboys

Continuing the Frank Wright series and his 80s recordings, this is a private lp release that was recorded at Studio Fawe Street. London E14. No date is given for this recording.

The line-up is as follows:

Frank Wright - tenor sax, vocals
Frank Wollny - guitar
Peter Kowald - acoustic bass
Coen Alberts - drums
A.R. Penck - el-piano, flute, vocals


1) Run with the cowboys
2) Do you like it (part 1)
3) An other day
4) Do you like it (part 2)

The back sleeve reports only one track on side 2, but a closer inspection of the record reveals that there is indeed a second track, which turns out to be a continuation of "Do you like it". For sake of convenience, I've split side 2 into two separate tracks.

New to this record is that Heinz Wollny is recording, but not playing, and Peter Kowald has been brought in to take care of bass duties and Coen Alberts to man the drums which is all for the better, in my view.

There's much more of a consolidated group sound here centered on the Wright - Kowald - Alberts trio and Frank Wollny, the most accomplished of the TTT lot, falls in nicely with the "outside" trio. Mr. Penck dabbles on el-piano throughout and is more of a distraction than a genuine contributor, but if you manage to somehow abstract from his "contributions", the record is not at all bad, not the least due to the presence of Wright and Kowald.

Three longish pieces (one split in two) and quite free-wheeling, this is the best I've heard so far of the Wright-Penck collaborations and certainly much better than the Ulm gig, posted here earlier. That said, I haven't heard all yet ...


kinabalu said...
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Anonymous said...

Well done, Kinabalu! It's an intriguing record.

nad3170 said...

Nice one, thanks Kinabalu.

sotise said...

thanks a lot K, for sharing this and your infectious love of frank wright!!

MF9988 said...

first off, i want to say how happy i am with this sudden frank wright craze over here. he's an amazing musician who never gets his due.

but the other reason im posting is b/c this 2nd part of the album (mp3) doesnt seem to work for me. I download it and about a quarter of the way through opening it it freezes on me. Anyone know whats going on?

kinabalu said...


I ran a test download of this album and it unpacks without any hitch on my set up. Sorry, can't help you there (assuming that unpacking the rar files is the problem).

Anonymous said...

Cool !

Anonymous said...

This "private" recordings where at time sold only on some arts galeries in Switzerland & Germany (propably others countries) I was looky to spend two days in Penck's monastery in Germany where i saw thousand of LPs & got the impression that there was no interest at all in sel the stuff...it was just fan & Penck's patronage for Wright, Butch, Lowe.

What i really do not know what was the function of the in london based TTT (they published a small catalog with 17 albums was) was it ever sold commercially in UK? Does some one knows it?

information is inportant too

wightdj said...

Thanks, need more Reverend Wright!

k.k said...

please reupload all record of Frank Wright!!!!!!!!!!

kinabalu said...

This was my post originally, so that can be done easily. As for the others, I will have to check whether I have them or not.

kinabalu said...

New link:


Solomon said...

Thank you.

Javier Roz said...

Thanks kinabalu!