14 June 2008

Sam Rivers Quartet (with Anthony Braxton) - Live San Francisco 1978

Following on from that great Circle recording that Tantris posted, here's another Braxton collaboration.

Sam Rivers Quartet with Anthony Braxton
Keystone Korner
San Francisco, CA
October 15, 1978

Sam Rivers ts,ss,fl,p
Anthony Braxton as
Joe Daley tba
Dave Holland b, clo
Thurman Barker d, perc

1 (fades out) [28:12]
2 (cuts in) [30:28]

Some high energy stuff from both reedsmen. Interesting to compare playing styles. Some great tuba work from Daley, almost makes Holland redundant.

I think I got this from bigozine a couple of years ago, so some of you will have it. My version is only at a modest 192 kbps, but I see it's just been seeded on dime, so there's where to go if you need an upgrade. It is a radio broadcast, one or two glitches in the recording. Thanks to original taper.
Link in comments.


Boromir said...

Link @192kbps


Tantris said...

Thanks - the tuba almost steals this!

centrifuge said...

classic gig this, nice to have it back in circulation, thanks boromir.

sotise said...

great show.. just a note i think this has also been shred at huppes et hyalites..similar bitrate... and you can find one of his faux hat covers there too.

centrifuge said...

no, it was c#9... so it was no longer "in print" ;-)

pulled around 450 downloads last year though... it was the last file i killed actually

Anonymous said...

Dear Boromir

thanks for posting this great gig on Sam Rivers ( one of the most underrated sax by many people )with the amazing Anthony Braxton.

Any chance for more post on Sam Rivers' OOP recordings?

Anyway, thanks a lot for this wonderful music! You made my weekend with that.

best regards,

Enrique :)

Anonymous said...

Funny how things go... One day before this post, this was uploaded to Dime in a cleaned-up and slightly improved version (obviously from the same basic source). Perhaps someone is interested.
But more importantly: I don't know how to thank you enough for this incredible blog!


celan2go said...

extraordinary music!