20 June 2008

Peter Evans with the Totem Trio (Bruce Eisenbeil, Tom Blancarte, Andrew Drury) and others - Solo, Duo (Sparks), Trios and Quartets

Here is some remarkable contemporary free improvisation - these cats are definitely doing something different, largely led by the extraordinary trumpet of Peter Evans. I hope you enjoy this.

Totem, recorded 1st May, 2008 at Studio 15 of the Radio Suisse Romande.

Bruce Eisenbeil - electric & acoustic guitar
Tom Blancarte - bass
Andrew Drury - percussion


Peter Evans - trumpet

Invited Swiss musicians

Dragos Tara - bass
Laurent Brutin - clarinet
Benoît Moreau - piano
Jonas Kocher - accordion

01 Radio (14.10)
02 Solo - Peter Evans (tr) (11.46)
03 Radio (10.58)
04 Trio Totem - Bruce Eisenbeil (gtr), Tom Blancarte (b), Andrew Drury (perc) (25.17)
05 Radio
06 Duo Sparks - Peter Evans (tr), Tom Blancarte (b) (7.29)
07 Radio (0.52)
08 Quartet - Peter Evans (tr), Bruce Eisenbeil (gtr), Tom Blancarte (b), Andrew Drury (perc) (10.28)
09 Radio (8.34)
10 Trio - Laurent Brutin (cl), Peter Evans (tr), Andrew Drury (perc) (4.45)
11 Radio (0.59)
12 Trio - Benoît Moreau (p), Jonas Kocher (acc'n), Tom Blancarte (b) (4.43)
13 Radio (1.00)
14 Quartet - Laurent Brutin (cl), Bruce Eisenbeil (gtr), Dragos Tara (b), Andrew Drury (perc) (4.56)
15 Radio (0.38)
16 Trio - Peter Evans (tr), Jonas Kocher (acc'n), Dragos Tara (b) (5.13)
17 Radio (1.29)
18 Trio - Bruce Eisenbeil (gtr), Benoît Moreau (p), Tom Blancarte (b) (5.13)
19 Fin (0.05)

I've left the radio commentary and interviews in, not because they offer any particular insight into this music, but because they're quite funny.


Tantris said...

MP3 @ 320


ubu said...

I hope you don't look at this as trolling, but I just upped a show over on my blog that I think many of the regular readers of this great blog here would enjoy:

Kahil El'Zabar / Lester Bowie / Malachi Favors - Saalfelden 1987 (AUD > FLAC):

Scott M said...

Great post. The greats of the future in our midst!

Justin said...

Thanks for this great post.

I have a question about an old download that I may or may not have found on this page. I have two folders expanded from ZIP/RAR files called PDM_AL_1 and PDM_AL_2 which contain live recordings by a sax-guitar-drums free improv trio. If anyone has a clue who is on that recording, please post it here. The pieces in that set have titles "played", "built", "whispered", "axed", etc....