28 June 2008

Joe McPhee: Tenor

Joe McPhee: Tenor

1. Knox 8:29
2. Good-Bye Tom B 6:33
3. Sweet Dragon 5:31
4. Tenor 23:26

Recorded 1st and 2nd September 1976 at Michael Overhage's farmhouse in Switzerland (!)

Three HatHut records in, and McPhee is still their only artist on release, so what better way to celebrate than with a solo recording. The tracks were made available on CD later with an additional solo performance, but this is a rip of the original vinyl LP passed on to me by Dale.

These are the sleeve notes written by Allain-Rene Hardy, Jazz Magazine, Paris, in October 1976:
"This year is going to be the McPhee year...
McPhee vibrates let those that do not hear him clear their ears or throw away their blinkers that do not allow them to be moved...
There is no difficult music - there are only listeners that have been conditioned by the media:
pass it on!"

So I have!


Wallofsound said...

Joe McPhee: Tenor

High quality mp3's and audiophile flacs. Make your choice:



htakat said...

thanks for this wonderful solo

sotise said...

thanks dale & wos , GREAT POST. i have the hat reissue of this with the bonus "fallen angels" but its nice to see the original lp cover here..

cianix said...

this is a great album.
I downloaded flac and mp3 but in each issue the track 4 is not ok. There are some ticks and skips (sorry, I don't know better words) around 15:40

Wallofsound said...

I've re-ripped an mp3 and a flac of track 4 'Tenor', so there's no digital glitches now.



cianix said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this one (and for the flac option).



serviceton said...

ah yes - that re-ripped Track4 does the job.
thanks WoS - I've only ever heard the later Joe McPhees on Hat, until recently.
I think MORE records should be recorded in farmhouses

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!! :) Im truly sorry that I havent thanked you everytime I have dloaded something from here, but hope you understand.. I'll try to improve my habit.. anyway, You have shared lots of grrrreat things here that have helped me a lot, so THANK YOU again :) peace and blessings

Bender said...

The flac links are dead, but the MP3 ones are working just fine :) Thank you!