29 June 2008

Frank Lowe- Amsterdam july 20th 1977 ,FLAC and lame

Hers another atmospheric and very listenable aud from dime .
Frank Lowe has always been a favorite of mine, someone I listen to on an almost weekly basis.
Someone who in his lifetime (he died in 2003) was seriously under appreciated and recorded who had to struggle to survive and pay his medical bills to the bitter end.

The combination of Lowe and Butch Morris, from this vintage is blissful.
Great band .. Great gig … superior music.
Lowe at his most exploratory.
Anyone who likes this concert ought to check out the Paris based future/Marge release “tricks of the trade” one of the great concert releases of the day.
It can be bought here

Again many thanks to the tapers/ seeders /traders
BTW/ I have a couple of Lowe lps that have not yet seen the light of day which I shall conceivably share soon.

Frank Lowe Quartet

Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Bimhuis, 1977,
2. Set

Butch Morris,c
Frank Lowe,ts
Marten van Regteren Altena,b
Martin van Duynhoven,dr

1 Titel 11:08
2 Titel 5:14
3 Titel 9:02
4 Titel 10:24

Total Time: 35:49

Lineage: aud > cdr trade > flac > dime

Sound Rating: AUD A-



sotise said...


lame vbr

centrifuge said...

lovely job :) thx sotise!

dalemcbdnl said...

Thanks in advance! Lowe was hooking up with some great trumpeters at this time. I just listened to "Doctor Too-Much" (Kharma PK-2 - recorded May 22 1977) with Wadada Leo Smith and Olu Dara a couple weeks ago. I was grinning ear-to-ear from start to finish. I'm pulling out my Marge (Tricks of the Trade) because of your reminder. I'd forgotten Butch Morris was collaborating - thanks for the reminder.


roberto t. said...

Frank Lowe was a unique and inimitable voice. His loss made us much poorer. I know there must be some music he left here and there for us and I'm happy this concert has surfaced. Thank you, Sotise.

david_grundy said...

These last few posts at Sol are rather fine in that they provide the chance to hear a couple of undeheard, but very important, bassists - Donald Rafael Garrett, and, on this one, Marten van Regteren Altena. The only other recording which features him that I've heard is Marion Brown's 'Porto Novo'. Does anyone have any more details on him?

Anonymous said...

MvRA has a substantial discography, details of which appear on the European Free Improvisation website. Kevin Whitehead's marvellous book on the Dutch music scene, "New Dutch Swing", is also a fine source of background information on the man.

dalemcbdnl said...


glmlr's suggestions for research are exactly right!
Here is ONE OF MY FAVORITE Altena LPs:
Maarten Altena Quartet - Miere
This album came out from Nato with a catalogue number 235.

It's currently offered at Gizmo for free. The url is:

The musicians were:
Maarten Altena, bass,
Maud Sauer, oboe,
Paul Termos, alto sax,
Wolter Wierbos, tb.
Recording was made between 4-5 July, 1983.

I also recently listened to two fantastic Altena albums on the hatArt label: "rif" and "code." I recommend BOTH. A couple others are some of the duets he did with Peter Kowald (e.g. FMP 920 if you can find it).

I hope you enjoy checking this guy out. From my perspective he is one of the more important people in free jazz - part of that ICP group coming out of Holland.


sotise said...

david G, YOU MAY ALSO WANT TO CHECK OUT ...high and low order a free improvised duet between lacy and altena
posted march 2007
the 320 link is still alive

centrifuge said...

while you're over at gizmo (second the recommendation for miere!) check and see if the early company meetings are still on there, altena plays on some of those... there's a trio he does with bailey and tristan honsinger which is just total mayhem :)

i do also have rif, from somewhere or other... haven't got code, dale, thanks for the tip!

hulaboy said...

Thank you. It's taken me 30 years to warm up to Frank Lowe, and I sure am glad it has finally happened!

Pete K. said...

Any chance of a re-up on this gem? Peace

Pete K. said...

Tricks of the Trade would be appreciated, too. Looks like its sho' nuff out of print. Thanks

kinabalu said...

New links for Frank Lowe in Amsterdam:



kinabalu said...

And, while we're blowing, Tricks of the Trade:



Pete K. said...

Frank was a great man and my appreciation for him as a friend and musician continues to grow even years after his death. He was a genuine jazz scholar with a passion for life and love of music that was uncontainable. Thanks for the fresh links.
Look for a new Lowe release coming soon on Triple Point Records with liner notes by Ed Hazell.

Solomon said...

Thank you!

Javier Roz said...

Thanks for both albums kinabalu!