6 April 2008

Juhani Aaltonen trio- raahe, finland july 1st 2001, FLAC

Here’s a truly great concert by legendary alto saxophonist Juhani Aaltonen.
A player who has been a visible presence at least since the late 60’s.

I kow him mostly through the records of the drummer/ bandleader /composer Edward vesala, but also through a few recordings with arild Andersen and the album on tum with reggie workman and Andrew cyrille.

I haven’t heard much that he has recorded under his own name( judging by the discography on his website there are many) ,and after hearing this concert which is superb in every way im certainly going to investigate and aim to check this band out further ( any recommendations would be welcome).
According to his website he also played in the legendary progressive rock band tasavallan presidentti.
I actually bought one of their albums in my late teens not quite knowing what it was , but gave it away because it didn’t appeal at the time.

.. many thanks to the taper/seeder/traders

heres a link to Aaltonens website

Juhan Aaltonen Trio
Raahen rantajatsit
2001-July-01 SB

Juhani Aaltonen (ten, fl)
Uffe Krokfors (bs)
Tom Nekljudow (dr)

1. (12:10)
2. (8:01)
3. (12:48)
4. Nature Boy (11:38)


sotise said...


if you have downloaded this ... and someone wants it in lame .. please help out
thank you

Boromir said...

Nice one sotise. I guess there's a lot of great music being crreated out of Scandinavia and the Baltic states we don't know very much about. Newcomers to Aaltonen may be interested to look back through this blog to April of last year where we posted a trio of Aaltonen with Reggie Workman and Andrew Cyrille. The links still active.

sambeck2001 said...

Thank you, sotise.

I like this. But i won't buy it, i think. Sounds finnish ... wide landscapes, cold air...

And it's in mono! Okay, there are only 3 players.

Anyway ...

mp3@192kbps: http://tinyurl.com/6kv3s8

Anonymous said...

Thanks gentlemen. A very fine set indeed.

kinabalu said...


thank U very much. I went fishing for this one on Dime, but never managed to catch it. As with you, I'm mostly familiar with his work with Edward Vesala and the more recent work referred to by Boromir. But there's lots more, most of which would have to ordered from Finland. In many ways, the Finnish "Garbarek".

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps Garbarek is the Finnish Aaltonen?!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe the Norwegian Aaltonen?

kinabalu said...

The latter rather than the former, I would think. But who is the Swedish Garbarek (or Aaltonen), I wonder?

kinabalu said...

New link:


mp3 files

Tropical Bozoid said...

Bozoid has had a soft spot for JA ever since the glorious album "Hot Lotta" came out, recently , and finally!,on CD.
Did anyone notice "Machine Gun" vinyl just went for $399 over at the Dusty Groove? wow...

kinabalu said...

Commodity fetishism, if you ask me. I'm sticking to my cd.

I have an alternate,unreleased version of Machine Gun somewhere in the archives. Not sure if that one has been posted,