22 April 2008

Archie Shepp a massy(UNI_22_975_YX2 lp1975) FLAC, and lame

Pierre who has little time to post, sent this a few days ago.
its not one of the better known shepp albums, but its a great one about on par with steam ,shepp's stunning enja recording from the same year, and just as free wheeling and exploratory.
check out the ACE version of grachan moncurs classic hipgnosis and that WILL dispel any skepticism!!
click on the images to enlarge.
shepp, dave burrell-pno, charles greenlea- trb
cameron brown-db, beaver harris-dr
murky beans Pierre!!


sotise said...

pierre said


sunship said...

Thanks a lot. This is a very creative period in Shepp's career. I look forward to it.

kingpossum said...

Bless you Pierre! Wonderful wonderful stuff. Skronk lives.

Arcturus said...

thank you both! I've never heard this before & it's oneof my favorite Shepp bands

Jazz-Nekko said...


Thanks for the unknown Shepp treat. This is a later outing than I am porbably ready for, I mean that I just started my "experimental/skronk/free" education under the careful guidance of Hideo. But my little evil friend has disappeared off blog-o-sphere, so here I go solo. . .



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this one--I'm a big Shepp fan, but have never heard of this one before. Wonderful!


sotise said...

this is far from being generic free skronk, i feel after quite a few addictive listens that its one of shepp's more sucsessful efforts from that period of shepp's glancing backwards at his own cumulative roots and past aspirations to be "in the tradition".
sort of a continuation of the way ahead.
what a gritty gutbucket funkster shepp was.

woody guthrie as eldrige cleaver, with an atomised butt shakin' horace silver swagger.

and grachan moncur's two tunes are a central event.. what a constuctor of ominous slink!!

a beautiful album thanks pierre for introducing me to a little known gem.

sotise said...

constuctor of ...ominous....slink

sotise said...

constructor of....

mew23 said...

New link (flac only)

Andy said...

some youtube: