7 April 2008

Alan Skidmore and Third Eye - Live Cologne 1978


Third Eye
'Kauri' ,
Köln (Germany)
12th January 1978

Alan Skidmore - ts,ss
Gerd Dudek - ts,ss
Rob van den Broeck - el p
Ali Haurand - b
Frank Köllges - dr

K.A. Blues (Skidmore, 14:29)
Rhum (Huydts, 18:38)
The Healer (Gaynair, 20:03)

This combo released just one commercial recording in 1982 on a label called View VS, long since gone. Skidmore and Dudek of course need no introduction, but I don't know much of the rhythm section. Apparently, Haurand, the German bass player, recorded in a trio called SOH (not to be confused with SOS) along with Skidmore and Tony Oxley.

This is not groundbreaking stuff, but devotees of Skids will not be disappointed with this rare recording. I particularly like the 2nd track where both reedsmen play soprano, and is very evocative of the track title (Rhum, for non-UK folk, is a beautiful and remote island in Western Scotland).

This was a radio broadcast (excellent sound quality), transmitted in a lossy format, so no flac available. My thanks to seeder and taper.

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Boromir said...

Link (VBR high quality)


head424 said...

the live recording has been released by Jazzwerkstatt records. i belive there was another record on Ego.
Have you ever seen any of the LP's on JG such as Auf Burg Altena

King Kennytone said...

Third Eye is the group the great Jamaican tenor player Wilton 'Bogey' Gaynair recorded with in Germany, innit ~ I note there's one of his compositions on this here disc..

Just a thought, but I'd be very keen to, like, hear the record Gaynair made with these cats, if any of you hep jazz collectors can turn up a copy.

Sterling work, chaps: carry on

hideo said...

never met a skidmore I didn't like (on some level)


sotise said...

yes b..likewise and this is a vibrant cracker.. thanks!!

Cabinboy said...

hi, anyone have third eye - connexion? thanks!!

nothing but jazz&blues said...

also dead..
hideo said...

never met a skidmore I didn't like (on some level)
u got no friggin idea what u r talking about hideo or fideo.


James Manion said...

anyone have this to repost, thank you

mew23 said...