6 March 2008

instant composers pool- hilversum radio broadcasts 1967-8, lame 320

Here are a couple of important broadcasts recently seeded on dime.

The music is stunning , but because the music was transefered from 2nd generation cassettes, I’ve decided to post these at 320.

Flacs aren’t going to improve the tape quality .
There remains a lot of hiss .
although once you screen it out its no longer a problem.

Mischa mengelberg and the instant composers pool need no introduction, being pioneers of what might now be called musical postmodernism by some.

These are very odd juxtapositions of all out total free improvisation, over subtle and distinctive minimal compositions that are very reminiscent of louiss andrierssen ,mengelbergs’s contemporary and friend.

I don’t know who seeded these , but thanks be to him or her , preserving such a magnificent early glimpse of the icp’s music.

The info, is as follows ( it is also contained in the files)

1967-06-19 / MENGELBERG
19.6.1967 – Hilversum, V.A.R.A. studio 5
Manfred Schoof cnt; Willem Breuker cl; Theo Loevendie bcl; Gilius van Bergeyk ob; Misha Mengelberg p; Maarten van Regteren Altena b; Han Bennink d.
1. JUMP ITALIANO (Misha Mengelberg) – 5:34
Length: 1t/5'43"
Source:rb/VARA, Radio Hilversum 2, 1967
Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

1967-11-23 / MENGELBERG
23.11.1967 – Hilversum, V.A.R.A. studio 5
Nedly Elstak tp; Theo Loevendie bcl; Willem Breuker bcl; Erik van Lier btb; Misha Mengelberg p; Maarten van Regteren Altena b; Han Bennink d.
2. DE LAATSTE STUNDE (Theo Loevendie) – 13:10
Length: 1t/13'32"
Source:rb/VARA, Radio Hilversum 2, 1967
Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

1967-12-18 / MENGELBERG
18.12.1967 – Amsterdam, Lurelei-Theater (live)
John Tchicai as; Willem Breuker bcl; Misha Mengelberg p; Maarten van Regteren Altena b; Han Bennink d/vib.
3. COOL EYES (John Tchicai) – 9:46 [Trio, WB & MM out]
4. DIE BERGE SCHÜTZEN DIE HEIMAT (Misha Mengelberg) – 13:50
Length: 2t/24'15" (incl. radio announcements and applause)
Source: rb/AVRO(?), Radio Hilversum 1967/68


1968-02-22 / MENGELBERG
22.2.1968 – Baarn (NL)
Peter Brötzmann ts; Willem Breuker bcl; Lodewyk de Boer viola; Misha Mengelberg p; Han Bennink d.
5. DEDICATION TO PIETER SMEERPUTS (Misha Mengelberg) – 12:08
Length: 1t/12'08
Source: rb/VARA(?) (NL), Radio Hilversum 2, 1968
Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

1968-05-00a / MENGELBERG
May 1968 – Hilversum, V.A.R.A. studio
John Tchicai & Willem Breuker as; Misha Mengelberg p; Maarten van Regteren Altena b; Han Bennink d.
6. SCANDINAVIAN DISCOVERIES (John Tchicai) – 15:44
Length: 1t/15'44"
Source: rb/VARA (NL), Radio Hilversum, broadcasting date 10.5.1968
Lineage: FM>2 gen.tape>HD/wav>flac

1968-05-00b / MENGELBERG
May 1968 – Hilversum, V.A.R.A. studio
Evan Parker ts; Willem Breuker bcl; Misha Mengelberg p; Han Bennink d.
7. I.C.P.69 (Misha Mengelberg) – 14:00
Length: 1t/14'
Source: rb/VARA (NL), Radio Hilversum, broadcasting date 10.5.1968

the seeder also provides links to further information about the concerts /and broadcasts
these are contained in the file.

heres a link to the icp website

also an amusing interview with mischa mengelberg from paris transatlantic online mag.

amazing stuff !!


sotise said...

icp broadcast 1967-
mp3 320

icp broadcast 1968

Anonymous said...

incredible post!
really appreciate...

Anonymous said...

Dear Sotise

thanks a lot for sharing this recordings on ICP. But there is a problem on Vol.2 track 6 Scandinavian Discoveries: there is no sound! Track 5 and 7 no problem. Can you fix please the track? Anyway thanks for your posting.

best regards, Kike.

folly for to see what said...

Hi Sotise,
Again you post a wonderful surprise. Thanks, today I really needed something good! You always post lost material of my favourites or even better, recordings that are completely unkown for me.
The first ensemble were recorded before ICP 001, so this is maybe one of the first ICP recordings, after ICP 015 first track. Amazing material.

Now my G5 is playing volume 1…
Everybody must have this "historical recordings", the beginning of ICP!
Who cares some hiss!

Thank you, Sotise.
Thanks, Inconstant Sol people.
(Now I've got another RS premium account, so I can dowload all of your last posts, yes!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sotise

finally i can open up the files, no problem with the track 6.

Thanks again for your posting!

best, Kike.

1009 said...

i love it when these things turn up! awesome x2. i concur w/ not minding the lo-fi business.

& thanks!

1009 said...

on a (albeit tenuously) related note:

did anyone here pick up the spontaneous music ensemble "Unreleased Studio Sessions and Radio Broadcasts, 1966 - 1968" posted on BigO a while back? if so would anyone be willing to re-post?

kinabalu said...


yes, I do think I grabbed that one. I gotta go look on my home computer. I'll see if I can have it up soon.

dalemcbdnl said...

Those crazy dutch! What a find! I think live ICP stuff is musically important and I never seem to have enough. This post, hiss and all, IS A LULU!

Speaking of lulus the Bahbwah/Loooie photo is ALMOST too woowoo. Wight?

Thanx sotisier.


kinabalu said...

I believe I managed to grab all of those off Dime, but thanks all the same.

And who did I see play live yesterday? Han Bennink, that's who!

Seth Tisue said...

Mengelberg photo's by me; see it larger at

sotise said...

seth thanks
how about some live jandek? eh

centrifuge said...

nice one sotise {clink}

Anonymous said...

good, sotise. the old bunch applauding: cute, isn't it?



wightdj said...

Very important stuff, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey sotise,
the link to the 1967 broadcast (http://rs111gc2.rapidshare.com/files/97412021/icp_brdc1.zip) is dead, could you check and fix it? Thanks a bunch for posting this! //jcm

Anonymous said...

Please re-post the 1967-file! Please?

Anonymous said...

Hello? Hello? Someone? Please! Can someone post this again? I MUST hear the 1967 recording. It's so close I can smell it, please post it again so I can hear the real thing.

Anonymous said...

Can someone PLEASE share this with me? I MUST hear the 1967 recording. Please please please please please???

Anonymous said...

Hi Inconstant Sol.
It seems that the links are broken. These recording are historically significant (for not mention the esthetic interest, but I still didn't listen to them).
And I think it could be important to re-upload them.
Thanks by advance...