24 February 2008

pharoah sanders- live shows

a friend treibstoff, from other realms has posted some great sanders concerts elsewhere and gives us permission to share them here.
they are all pretty much mp3's at 320 kbs, and mostly great shows.
i'm particularly fond of the vienna show from 2002, and the 1992 show from frankfurt.
treibstoff says....
"..this is something else.....believe me....
one of his greates concerts!!!
Pharoah Sanders Wiesen '99 at Festival WIESEN (CH) 07/10/99
William Henderson Alex Blake Adam Rudolph
Here we are.......
first of three parts at Oakland '99 including two night over there....
PHAROAH SANDERS w/ William. Henderson - piano Alex Blake - bass Babatunde Lea - percussion Yoran Israel - drums Oakland '99

here we are again........
Sanders at Oakland '99 Part II
forgot if this is the first or second show......
but "save our children" (the last tracck) on this night got Pharoah smooth singing the ballad....
PHAROAH SANDERS w/ William. Henderson - piano Alex Blake - bass Babatunde Lea - percussion Yoran Israel - drums Oakland '99
and once again........
Sanders at Oakland '99 Part III
forgot if this is the first or second show......
PHAROAH SANDERS w/ William. Henderson - piano Alex Blake - bass Babatunde Lea - percussion Yoran Israel - drums Oakland '99
the last two tracks of that night you got with my first post !!!
Pharoah Sanders at Chateauvallon 1977
17.08 1977 Chateauvallon Pharoah Sanders reeds, voc Kenneth Moss (Khalid) p Hayes Burnett b Clifford Jarvis dr
Thembi (18.16)
lame mp3 320kbs
I just got this 20 minutes from that show.... If anybody else got the other tracks from that show.......????

Pharoah Sanders, Calhoun, Bourelly, Garison Fri 11/01/02 - Wien, Austria @ WUK
Pharaoh Sanders - Sax Will Calhoun - Drums, African Percussion, loops Jean-Paul Bourelly - Guitars Matt Garison - Basses
~35 minutes lame / 320kbs
Pharoah Sanders Quintet
27.06.1999 Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, Sala Kongresowa, Warszawa, Poland
Pharoah Sanders ts, voc William Henderson p Jean Paul Bourelly g Trilok Gurtu perc, dr, voc Alex Blake b
a great concert - and a great version of Óle !!!
lame mp3 320 kbs

Sonny Sharrock/Pharoah Sanders at Frankfurt Jazzfestival November 1st 1992 (Germany)
Sonny Sharrock g Pharoah Sanders ts Charnett Moffett b Pheeroan AkLaff dr
1.Little Rock (Sharrock) 25:41 2.Japan (Sanders) into Upper Egypt & Lower Egypt (Sanders) 20:31
FM recording lame 320 kbs (good sound!)
http://sharebee.com/f029cd54 http://sharebee.com/34c39127
pass: sanders "
many thanks to treibstoff!!!


dalemcbdnl said...

WHOA, WHAT A SHARE! This site gets more exciting by the hour. I just ordered a dozen albums from Jazz Loft and now I come here. WOW! TOO much great music - TOO little time. WHAT A SHARE . . . Did I say that already?? VERY generous! Thank you!


charlie said...

Thanks to both of you for these.

Wallofsound said...

I've just pressed play for the start of my very own Sanders fest. Many, many thanks to both of you for sharing.

olie brice said...

I've just discovered your site and am amazed by all the incredible stuff up here...
one question though. On a couple of the things I've downloaded (lee konitz/paul bley trio, drew gress quartet) there is 1 track that is password protected. Is this a problem my end, or are they supposed to be like that?

sotise said...

ollie, i dont know what format you are using but...

if its a mac and you are importing files into itunes you may be encountering that specific problem.
i have recieved the same error message downloading files created on macs which have used i tunes either to convert or rip, result i couldnt do anything with the files , in some cases they wouldnt even decompress.
i dont know too much about it though because i use a pc.

if you're on a pc and using windows media player, you may need to adjust its internal settings, go into it, look at the settings carefully and you'll find a tab ,which mentions permissions open that and untick the box that says automatically seek permissions on the web.
you may ned to restart your 'puter for the change to take effect.
i dont remember exactly where those tabs are configured, ive deleted my windows media player and advise you to do the same.

windows media player i found, even when using an 'indie ripping program' was tagging all of my files as 'windows media files' no matter what their actual format was mp3 flacs ogg it made no difference they all became windows media files, and because i wasnt aware of the permissions thing i couldnt play them let alone burn them.
the reality is you dont need either i tunes or windows media player to listen to , decode encode or decompress files.

we may need some sort of permanent tech post talking about tools codecs ecetera.
im not the best person for the task.
im generally clueless, but manage through trial and error, mostly error.

good luck!

sotise said...

oh yeah...
we dont use passwords here.
unless specified as with some of the sanders files .
password= sanders, for those.

olie brice said...

thanks for your help, simply moving the files from the RAR folder into a new folder seems to solve the problem

bayviewsax-lostsoul.blogspot.com said...

Wow! Paydirt!

You always have great stuff, but this is like chocolate covered cheese!

farosanderson said...

Wow, Its times like this that the internet lives up to its hype. Thanks to all concerned.

ish said...

Just listened to all the Oakland tracks. Wow, great stuff! Super quality. Thanks so much for this stuff...made my week.

Chris Ward said...

Thanks for this feast of Pharoah Sanders!

Anonymous said...

the vienna-concert is this kind of special to me, i was looking for years now. have seen sanders group @ the frankfurt jazz festival 2002. can't tell this fire... thank you for love

Anonymous said...

today i've finally downloaded these wonderful concerts: what a splendid Xmas gift!!! thanksalot, and my best wishes to you all from italy

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Pharoah is a real player, an underrated jazzman though a revered figure. The show with Sonny Sharrock is outtasight! Many thanks.

S. said...

great :D

pomelorocker said...

hello i have problems with sandeers live in frankfurt 1992, i downloaded both but when i open i can't extract them.

can you tell me how i do? please!

Byablu said...

Pomelorocker, the Frankfurt files are password protected. The password is sanders - no uppercase and no inverted commas. Have you downloaded both parts from the same web host? What application are you using to open the RARs? Some are better than others - I've had no problems since switching to WinZip. I hope this helps.

Hoochie Coochie man said...

Man!! really appreciated, this post is incredible!! Thank you so much!!!

troods said...

As always, your site is a magical place for music lovers. I'm so appreciative of all the work you do. Listening to Pharoah right now and my heart is full. Thank you so much.

bergamote61 said...

Thank you so much for that !

emiz said...

any chance for a re-up?

your blog is amazing!
a lot of thanks.

Anonymous said...

the concert of pharoah at Wiesen '99 must have been an incredible show, as I was told.
hard to find that recording.

it would be a great, great deal if you can reup that concert...please!!!

thank you very much in advance.


Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you so much for your blog - is it possible to post the sanders / sharrock file again? - S

Glenn Smith said...

looks like the sharebee.com site is no longer up - any idea where else i could find some of these shows? I also have a question - i have a tape labelled "pharoah sanders 1992 san francisco" that is great - a version of "Our Roots Began In Africa" that is far superior to the album version. And a song that i cannot find the name of - with lyrics like "If you are sure that you're pure in heart, you can touch the sun" and "lend me your hearts and i'll give you my mind" - lyrics sound familiar? This is a stunningly beautiful song but i can find no trace of it anywhere else.