18 January 2015

Ken Vandermark's Free Fall Trio - Live Stockholm 2007 (FM recording) flac

There were a couple of requests for this one, so I thought I might as well put it at the top of the front page as it was originally posted quite a while ago, back in February 2008. Otherwise it is as it was, but with a new link at the bottom of the comments section. Posted back then by Boromir:

This trio is unlike any of the other projects that Ken Vandermark's been involved in. There's none of the wild energy found in Vandermark 5 and his work with The Thing. The trio was formed to carry on the style of the 1960s drumless trio of Jimmy Giuffre. The influence is obvious, though the music they play is not a straight tribute to Giuffre. Vandermark plays clarinet on all tracks. The music is melodic and reflective, and is a tribute to Vandermarks flexibility. He is well accompanied by an excellent Swedish pairing.


Ken Vandermark - Free Fall
Stockholm, Sweden
Glenn Miller Café, 2007

Ken Vandermark,reeds
Harvard Wiik,p
Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten,b

Set 1: 45:321
Title 4:51
2 Announcement KV 0:08
3 E.C. (HW,comp) 8:08
4 Announcement KV 0:33
5 Methologies (HW,comp) 7:36
6 Title 3:40
7 Announcement KV 0:58
8 Open, Not Closed 6:26
9 Announcement KV 0:32
10 Music For Clocks 6:48
11 Announcement KV 0:09
12 Invisible Cities (HW,comp) 5:34
13 Announcement Speaker 0:08

Set 2: 44:381
Title 1:59
2 Announcement KV 0:27
3 Eulogy For The Typewriter 10:33
4 Announcement KV 0:29
5 Ithalics (HW,comp) 4:53
6 Title 4:30 7 Announcement KV 0:12
8 Cottonfield 6:41 9 Title 2:23
10 Title 2:19
11 Announcement KV 0:31
12 Turns (TerrieEx,comp) 9:24
13 Announcement Speaker 0:11

The concert was broadcast on Swedish radio. Sound quality is excellent. Thanks to jazzrita for seeding this fine concert.
Link in comments.


Boromir said...
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centrifuge said...

shan't hear this one as long as it's flac only, but will be interested to see what others think. joe mcphee did the giuffre album thing too of course... vandermark, what can one say - whatever anyone thinks, he has an amazing amount of energy and is able to spread his efforts around without wearing himself out, i imagine that must be very inspiring for other musicians (who work with him).

the other two are norwegian incidentally ;-)

Roches Noires said...

Boromir - great post, thanks. Been a Giuffre follower for a long time and am always seeking out similar groupings on albums, eg Arrears, Sankt Gerold, Live at Banlieues Bleues.

Centrifuge - if you have the time, download the flac and convert to MP3. See instructions at:


You need WinAmp which is free to download.

And if you're a Mac user:


- RN

centrifuge said...

RN, thanks for the helpful advice but it's highly unlikely i'll be doing it! i'm not getting into the whole argument again, it's a lost cause for one thing (many bloggers now regard flac as a required standard for anything) but no, i don't really have the time and besides, there seems to be something inherently ridiculous about taking the trouble to pull a whole shitload of uncompressed files and then immediately compressing them..! i do realise that this is what posters frequently have to do, but... that's (music) blogging for you ;-) it's their decision. mine is that for the time being i don't deal with flac... if i lose out, i lose out. cheers anyway!

jazzme said...

I agree centrifuge it is a hassle converting I just spent a good chunk of tonight installing and uninstalling winamp , if you do install winamp to convert beware it installs alot of stuff not required then defaults other programs -----this is a great blog guys great stuff that I love please let us know if you are posting files other than mp3 thank you Steve p.s I have tried uploading and am guessing I am not that literate in this avenue as I can get it uploaded but after that ??

Boromir said...

Jazzme, Centrifuge,
I thinkk that these live recordings which are not commercially available should be circulated in a lossless format where possible to ensure their preservation for posterity. But I appreciate that not everyone can handle flac (no pun intended). About 40 people have downloaded the flac version, I'm sure someone will be public spirited enough to convert to mp3 and post.
Incidentally, the best tool I can recommend for converting any sound file format is "Switch". You can download the basic version for free at nch.com.au. If you get this you won't need anything else.

kinabalu said...


if you have anything you would like to share, you can leave the URL address and add whatever comments you'd like to make here in the comments section, then any of the regulars here can make a proper post out of it.

I'm easy on the formats. Personally, given the choice between flac and mp3, I would go for the former as it does add a little extra, but of course, everything depends on the sound quality of the source. So if there's no appreciable loss in sound quality by compressing, then it might be justified (as I did with the Isipingo posting).

Still, when ripping vinyl, I always rip it in the wav format and keep that as the master copy, even thought I might post it as an mp3 later on.

Oh and thanks for the Free Fall. It did sound marvellous, recorded by Swedish radio at the Glenn Miller Cafe in Stockholm. Excellent place for jazz, but quite cramped from what I hear.

Do look out for the Free Fall cds, three so far, the latest just out on the Oslo-based Smalltown Superjazz.

jazzme said...

Could anyone please post a mp3 for this I would be grateful thank you Steve

Roches Noires said...

Taken me a while to get round to this, but for those that haven't downloaded, I strongly recommend it. I will confess to not being a huge Vandermark fan, but his playing is exemplary on these recordings.

Converted to MP3 and split into the two live sets. Enjoy.




Roches Noires said...
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jazzme said...

Thank you roches noire for the mp3 post

centrifuge said...

roches noires: thanks, i shall grab this and give it a spin (my impressions of the giuffre 3 recording fresh in my memory!)

boromir: well, that rather depends on one's view of what we've all been doing here... are we sharing music and meeting people, or creating an archive? if the latter, then you're probably right; and of course those people who wish to add to their trading lists will presumably want lossless recordings! but i don't think we're yet at the "universal archive" stage - though of course one could argue "if not now, when?". still... of course it's up to individual posters to do what they want! for myself, when i eventually begin putting up sound files again, it will be mp3 only... anyway, in the meantime, thanks for the tip about using switch, i might have a look at that...

centrifuge said...

yeah, i must admit that's some of the best i've heard vandermark play. didn't find the time to hear all of this yet, but i did listen to some of the first set at least. incidentally, the third piece is actually two pieces, clearly separated. (the second will be a KV original i guess) thanks boromir, thanks RN :)

ABE said...

Thank you!

Alfie Cooke said...

Is it possible to get a re-up of this? Vandermark's 'Free Fall' albums are a fantastic development from the Giuffre trio and this is about the only recording of tis group tat I haven't been able to get listen of.

kinabalu said...

New link:


-Otto- said...

Thank you for the re-up, kinabalu!

jeff said...

Thanks for the reup kinabalu. Can't wait to get back to the states to download. This looks great.

Anonymous said...