20 February 2008

Evan Parker & Greg Goodman "Abracadabra" (1978, Beak Doctor 2) + Evan Parker "Live at the Finger Palace" (1978, Beak Doctor 3) FLAC & MP3-320

The AMG review of "Live at the Finger Palace" by Eugene Chadbourne speaks better than I would do so here it is :
"Figuring out which is the best Evan Parker solo recording is a quest that could either result in a highly enjoyable lifestyle or having commitment papers served. In either case this particular recording might turn out to be crucial, it presents Parker on one of his early trips to the United States playing before a small group of fans whose commitment to his style of improvising underscores the logical connection between "fan" and "fanatic." With Parker arriving on the west coast with a status somewhere between Gandhi and Crusader Rabbit, the atmosphere was ripe for a totally confident and impressive display of his innovative concepts and playing style. This is what exactly what Parker delivers here, in a venue that was basically somebody's livingroom, that somebody being pianist Greg Goodman, who also originally put the performance out on vinyl. At the Finger Palace acquired legendary status as the ultimate Evan Parker performance, and while research continues on that subject suffice to say there is enough evidence to rank the man as the ultimate soprano saxophone soloist."

And the following lines opening the presentation of the record on the Beak Doctor site : "Some say their lives were changed, others say their ears were cleaned beyond recognition; some began practicing their instruments, others gave them up completely." should give those still hesitating to grab this one a good reason to do it.

The other disc, recorded at the same time but in duo with Greg Goodman on "unprepared piano" has Parker playing tenor and the approach is of course very different. For a review from the Bells magazine check this link :
Goodman is a musician I know pratically nothing about but the Lytton comparison in the review is interesting.

"Live at the Finger Palace" is for me really an incredible recording, standing out amongst the mass of also incredible material issued by Mr. Parker. This is why it is here again on Inconstant Sol, in a fresh rip with quality scans. Flac and MP3 are included but be warned that my vinyl is not is the best shape.
The artwork by Jean de Bosschère used on the two discs also deserves a special note ... please take the time to look at it!




nad3170 said...

"Abracadabra" MP3-320
"Live at the Finger Palace" MP3-320

(MP3s dedicated to Centrifuge :)

"Abracadabra" in FLAC


1009 said...


nad3170 said...

"Live at the Finger Palace" in FLAC

Quick request : I'm looking for the two Sun Ra records on Horo in flac, could somebody help ?

dalemcbdnl said...

The SF/Berkeley people don't get enough recognition. Beak Doctor, Kaiser (and his Metalanguage label), Rova and the Kuntz brothers have put out some brilliant stuff over the years. I'M ECSTATIC that you have posted "Abracadabra" and NOW TOO "Live at the Finger Palace" because both are flat out AMAZING! The over all volume in this blog isn't quite as great as Call It Anything BUT the consistency in quality is spectacular AND, as far as I am concerned, WITHOUT PEER -- especially for free jazz lovers such as me.

Please Pleeeez, keep going. I had just discovered CN9 when it folded and NOW Jizz Relics is gone. We NEED folks like you who "GET IT" about creative music. We are ALL in your debt.


PS. For nad3170 I do have HORO 23/24 and (for Tantris) ICP 007/008 BUT ONLY in the LP formats. I've started realizing over the past 6 months that my collection may be of considerable interest to some of you -- IF ONLY IT WAS DIGITIZED. Well, be patient with me - I'm working on it. But be assured I DO like sharing.

sotise said...

we need you ....i need you
when you're ready id be happy to invite you to make your own posts and teach you how to make rars upload etc.

im looking forward to some of your promised uploads ... david murray live at peace church first and foremost!!

pierre thanks for the repost of live at finger palace, im looking forward to the duet with m.fine!!

anoneponymous said...

This is not to seem ungrateful -- for I am very, very grateful -- but I have a stupid question. .z01, .z02... how are these files formatted?

sotise said...

anonepon, i use winrar, right click on the last file which says zip, and that should automatically unpack the files.

trick is to view them as one zip file in 3 or two parts

Anonymous said...

Sorry that these files cannot be decompressed on Mac…

kinabalu said...

Sure they can!


I can't comment on any of these as I'm on a Windows platform, but I'm sure at least one of them can do the trick!

nad3170 said...

anoneponymous/anonymous, please research in the comments of my older posts (research "Pierre" on the main page). the issue of the unpacking on mac has been discussed on apparently solved.

dale, that's what i call and enthusiastic comment ! and thanks a lot for the tip about "call it anything", didn't know the site but i think i'll browsing it in detail.

folly for to see what said...
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folly for to see what said...

Thanks nad3170,
And all Inconstant Sol people, I've been busy and I've lost your last records/ings. Dale left me a comment at my blog, about this Parker post. I downloaded Finger P concert long time ago, I've got a pair of aiff files! I don't know what did with original files. Anyway this is really as good as you told.

Great repost!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this rare gem, Pierre!

Regarding decompressing, archives contiaining flacs are unable to decompress on Mac. I read older posts and found someone said, "from the file extensions, I think 7-zip (free) would be the tool to use to decompress." But no, this is not 7-zip and I tried more than 10 applications and all said *cannot extract with this program* or the like.

I'd be very grateful if you use ".rar" when you make multi-part archives with Winrar next time (7zip also would be nice). That can be easily decompressed on a Mac platform as well.

Thanks again!

Tantris said...
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Tantris said...

Hi Dale - thanks for keeping me in mind re ICP 007/008 - really appreciated.

I listened to about 5 minutes of Live at the Finger Palace last night, between Braxtons, and am looking forward to listening to it properly - the snapshot suggests it's a bit rawer than The Snake Decides, is that right?

Anonymous said...

These pair of Parker albums are really really good. I have them but as I've no turntable I'm really grateful to be able to download your rips.

Anonymous said...

Thanks much for these two rips.

head424 said...

surely you should be encouraging people to buy these off the Beak Doctor

sotise said...

@head 424
these are out of print, unavailable
check the beakdoctor sight, only two items are currently available.

serviceton said...

Find myself not knowing that much really in this world..
Certainly didn't know about these records.
Halfway through Fingerprints, feeling quite transported - possibly in some kind of trance [the good kind of trance]..
And feeling thankful.

thank you

oli said...

best thing ive heard in ages, had to listen to it again, and then once more just to make sure it really was.

DonNewcombe said...

Did you see that Parker and Goodman are playing together again at that same venue on 10/17 & 10/18?

laurent said...

I just stumbled across this post in searching for these Beak Doctor LP's. I have to say, this site is absolutely blowing my mind at the moment... So much here to discover. Thanks SO MUCH!

By the way, I actually attended the reprise of this performance at the Finger Palace in Berkeley in October. It was utterly revelatory. I haven't often had the chance to see one of the towering legends of the improv scene in someone's Berkeley living room! Here's hoping that Woody puts it out on his Beak Doctor label (it was definitely recorded).

Mona said...

thanks for pointing me in the direction of Evan Parker's 'Finger Palace'. I was lucky enough to see a lot of superb music when I was living in London in the late 70's/ early 80's but the first time that I saw Evan P do his circular breathing, my jaw dropped to the floor. Used to have this album and can't wait to listen to it again after all these years...dl'ing as I type.
Thank you again

Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear this again. I once had the record but foolishly traded it for who-knows-what. I think it's still my favorite EP recording. Thank you, thank you.

Anonymous said...

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john said...

great to hear this earlier EP material, unkown to me until your post. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

please a re-post

Ed Chang said...

Heard Parker/Goodman on WKCR years ago - any chance of a repost? I remember it being particularly good...