3 February 2008

Archie Shepp Trio, with Woody Shaw - Live Hamburg 1977

Archie Shepp was one of the first jazz artists I listened to when I became interested nearly 40 years ago. He still remains one of my favourites, though some of his more recent recordings upon which he seems to do just about anything but play the saxophone are not to my taste.

This recording finds Shepp in prime form, along with probably the best rhythm section he ever worked with, and alongside one of the great trumpeters of the day.

Scores of artists have recorded "In A Sentimental Mood", but to my mind, none better the Shepp. It seems to be a favourite tune of his as he's included it on several recordings (or perhaps his fans demanded it). Anyway, there's a great version of it here.


Archie Shepp Trio +Special Guest: Woody Shaw
Hamburg, Germany
Fabrik, 2. Jazzfestival 1977

Woody Shaw,tp
Archie Shepp,ts
Cameron Brown,b
Beaver Harris,dr

This is an audience recording I think, though the quality's very good for the day. Shepp seems to fade a little at times as he moves around the stage whilst playing.

Links in comments. Thanks to seeder for upload. Sorry I don't have a flac version.


Boromir said...

Link high quality VBR




sunship said...

Thank you Boromir. I remember listening to Archie Shepp on two occasion in this period, at the Moers festival in 1976 and at the Montmartre in Copenhagen in 1977. Both were great performances. I presume that this gig is from 1976, but not 1977, as stated in your headline?

Boromir said...

A slip of the fingers sunship. The concert was indeed in 76. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
Lucky man to have seen two Shepp concerts in this period, I didn't see one.

folly for to see what said...

Thanks Boromir
Maybe you like this concert (Maybe you have this concert). Archie Shepp_Donaueschingen Music Festival. Live in Germany, Oct 21, 1967

Archie Shepp - ts
Beaver Harris - drums
Roswell Rudd - trombone
Grachan Moncor III - trombone
Jimmy Garrison - bass.


folly for to see what said...

Boromir I forgot to invite you to my new blog


The first post is a concert recorded at Bimhuis, Wollo's World.
Hope you enjoy it!

Tantris said...

Great stuff.

Folly for what to see - I'd like to hear that Donaueschingen concert, but the .rar files needs a password - could you post it here?

folly for to see what said...
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folly for to see what said...

Sorry Boromir,

I feel like an idiot. I didn't know that you had posted this record one year ago.

I couldn't find record's password for Tantris. So I've decided to search in google. For sure can't be more than one post of this record, I've thought. Then I've found something from Inconstant Sol, Your post! I've downloaded it. Sound quality is better, and you included scans!
Yesterday I told in comments (maybe you have this concert). And of course you have it!

Tantris, You can find the record in this Blog, and of course no password is required

Sorry again, Boromir
This is so embarrassing

Boromir said...

Folly, don't worry about it. The one I posted was quite a long time ago. I'm surprised the links still active. As we're talking about it this is the link, for those Shepp fans who didn't get it first time round (Archie Shepp One For The Trane):-

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genezyp said...

If your data is correct, I wonder when did Shaw join this trio. They recorded for enja in Nurnberg a week before w/o Shaw (the album "Steam"), it's pretty weird that enja (or anybody else) wouldn't want Shaw and Shepp together on the same record.
I'm really looking forward to it, as i like both of them and "Steam" is a good one. Sometimes I regret having been born so late...

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