28 January 2008

Nels Cline/Jeff Parker/Nate McBride/Frank Rosaly - turning point, live at the empty bottle chicago dec 2005-lame 320

our friend brent, brings us a reupload of a great concert, featuring a performance of the entirety of paul bley's great improvart album "turning point".

brent had originally uploaded this elsewhere at 160kbs, i think he was at this concert , or one by this group elsewhere although he did not record it.

if this is an aud it certainly sounds great!

brent says.... "The link will lead you to a 320 kbps rip of the Nels Cline/Jeff Parker/Nate McBride/Frank Rosaly rendition of Paul Bley's *Turning Point,* performed at Chicago's Empty Bottle in December of 2005. (The accompanying photo, courtesy Michelle Harris & Pitchfork, is from a performance of the same pieces the following summer in Chicago's Union Park.) So far as I know this is the only recording of Cline & Parker playing together. I spoke to Parker a month ago about this session and he said that unfortunately there were no plans for the group to do a studio recording. Given the quality of Cline's other tribute records (*Interstellar Space*, *New Monastery*), it's a real shame they weren't able to put anything together.
recorded live at the empty bottle dec 2005
1) Calls -2) Turning point -3) King Korn-4) Ictus04 - 5) Mr. Joy05 -6) Kid Dynamite06 - 7) Ida Lupino

nels cline- e,g
jeff parker-e g
nate mcbride- db, frank rosaly- drums

thanks brent


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Slothrop said...

Hey Brent. Thanks for giving us something different, and for shining a light on some of the new boys from Chicago. The strings players need no comment, but I'm really heartened to see something with Frank Rosaly show up. He has a lot of creativity and ambition for someone who hasn't been at the music all that long.

1009 said...

I couldn't agree more about Rosaly -- I'm already on record about him (in the comments section to Bagatellen's review of a Rempis record). I've gone to a number of shows in Chicago simply on the strength of him being listed as one of the musicians.

I was actually at both of the shows this Turning Point group did (and, as I should have noted, I did not record it). They happened shortly after Nels joined Wilco & therefore drew a pretty large crowd (whom I cannot dismiss because I was one of them). I hope everyone enjoys the recording as much as I did both shows.

uCi_X said...

Thanks to Brent for this concert. And to other contributors for their posts. All really good!
Every week several new records to listen at work!

Hi Sotise,
Sorry for the delay. I've been very busy. After several weeks here is the reply.

Thanks for your invitation to post here, this is my favourite blog!

Most of my records are still at stores. Some hat hut, emanem, caprice, are sold out…

But I've got several cam recordings.

Doek Festival 3 at the old Bimhuis_june_2003
Peter Brötzmann & Wilbert de Joode
Eric Boeren, Oren Marshall, Cor Fuhler, Guus janssen & Michael Vatcher
Tobias Delius, Tristan Honsinger, Joe Williamson & Han Bennink
Keith Rowe & Cor Fuhler_incomplete
"Wollo's World"_Wolter Wiebros, Misha Mengelberg, Mats Gustaffson & Wilbert de Joode

Copenhagen Jazz Festival at Loco på Loppen_july 2007
Tim Berne, Lotte Anker, Ikue Mori, Nils Davidsen & Tom Raney

First I have to say that sound quality isn't good, camcorder microphone isn't the best to record this music.
So I'm working to clean it with Logic Audio.
I began with Wolter Wiebros "Wollo's World". Is soo difficult , with Mengeberg, Wiebros and Gustafsson making their "noises". The recording is plenty of high frequencies, poor Joode, sometimes his bass desappears.

Anyway if you think that these recordings are good enough to be shared, I'll try to upload all in video.
But first only sound, I work with mac and I haven't found any software to compress DVD video in several files, except Stuffit. If someone can help me…

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this and this great site.
Here's a correction to the song titles listed.
1) Calls - Turning
2) King Korn
3) Ictus
4) Syndrome (not Mr. Joy)
5) Kid Dynamite
6) Ida Lupino

Dan Feeney said...

I realize this is an old link, but I just stumbled upon it and now I'm wondering if there's any way to get the recording mentioned here. I was at the Bottle show as well, it was truly inspired!

Corey Lyons said...

I second what Dan Feeney said above! I was at the Bottle show, truly amazing. Just saw them play last night at Millennium Park and would love to hear this recording.

kinabalu said...

New links:



Corey Lyons said...

@kinabalu thanks so much!!! you made my day. been trying to find a copy of this for years.

PXF said...

One more title correction: (someone already noted that "Mr. Joy" is actually "Syndrome"); "Kid Dynamite" is actually "Around Again."

Note that "Around Again" and "Syndrome" were not on the TURNING POINT LP; they were issued on a Savoy 2fer (NEW MUSIC: SECOND WAVE) and also a Savoy album called TURNS with all of the John Gilmore tracks.

"Mr. Joy" and "Kid Dynamite" were on the original TURNING POINT LP, but they are two tracks featuring a trio of Bley, Peacock, and Billy Elgart. These may have been recorded at the same sessions that produced the Limelight LP, MR. JOY, which has different versions of those same compositions.

mike said...

I have a flac of this,

Nels Cline
12/11/05 Empty Bottle Chi - w/ Jeff Parker, Nate McBride, Frank Rosaly, they do Paul Bley's "Turning Point" aud 75 min--at-822>d100---

if anyone wants it, pm me


Javier Roz said...

Thanks kinabalu for this interesting re-up.