6 January 2008

company- fables (1980- incus 36) - flac

this too, was a lucky introduction to free improvised music.
bought on the same day as the previously posted fictions .. and the bailey/holland improvised duets on ecm(which i no longer own) this one was a real revelation and remains one of my favourite incus sets.
a very luminous album ..that hopefully may one day see the light of day once more.
the incus back catalog in disarray now that derek's gone
who knows..
fables incus 36- 1980
derek bailey -guitar
evan parker -soprano and tenor saxes
george lewis- trombone
dave holland -bass
side 1-
atg 4
atg 6
atg 3
side 2-
atg 13
atg 2
atg 9
if by any chance someone has the bailey/holland duets they could upload in either flac or 320 mp3 that would be wonderful!!


hideo said...

I'll happily up mp3s after I finish DLing, prob 320 or V0

thanks, dipmong!

1009 said...

the bailey/holland can be found here:


Lucky said...

thanks a 1000 times, sotise!! ;D

1009 said...

and of course thank you!

i was working on mp3s myself, but audacity is having a hell of a time with them (i.e. massive conversion times). normally audacity handles flac just fine, but these seem to be pretty heavy.

hideo said...

I lied, sorry, it's ogg V8 (256 target using oggdrop with the LPAC decoder which I really like, BTW)

great sound for an 80 meg file


jazzme said...

Let us know when the mps3 is up thx

1009 said...

mp3s (@320):


jazzme said...

This sharebee link does not load anything up just keeps refreshing itself

kinabalu said...


thanks for the flacs. I think I'll pass up the mp3s this time. By the way, a good programme for audio conversions is the Easy CD-DA Extractor. It's not free, but it's really a Swiss army knife of tools for handling digital files.

Listening to this, I sense that there is a very thin border line between what may be called "new music" or "contemporary (art) music" and this. The former tends to be composed whereas this, I would guess, is basically improvised. How to tell the difference?

I would be interested to hear some electric Bailey, if possible. I have the two discs he made with the Japanese duo The Ruins as well as one with Bill Laswell and Tony Williams, from his "New York - period", when he became acquainted with the "downtown" scene ...

jazzme said...

The sharebee file is ogg can anyone upload a regular mp3 for this THX

1009 said...

try this one for the mp3s:


i had some luck using winamp + itunes.

i've never quite understood the distinction btw electric bailey & acoustic bailey. as far as i know it's the same guitar, just that he uses the volume pedal to occasionally put the signal through the amp (to varying degrees), while occasionally playing w/o amplification. most of his stuff seamlessly goes back & forth (as one would expect given that the volume pedal is bailey's usual weapon).

jazzme said...

thx for the help 1009

Anonymous said...


Thanks a lot for this marvellous record. Parker and Bailey were a great pair in the early days until something happened ...

Sterno said...

Thanks for the post, this looks great.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant; I love this record, but had not heard it in years; you post great stuff, and as I have trouble with all the FLAC/Ogg things, I particularly appreciate when there is an mp3 option. Thanks again.

Reimer said...

Thanks for this and the Garbarek. I think John Litweiler's maddening book 'The Freedom Principle' recommended this as one of the best examples of the Company shctick in the chapter on 'Free Jazz In Europe' (how odd to think of a book from 1982 devoting so little to something that looks so large for even US avant-Jazz afficionados now), which was evern more maddening cos I couldn't lay hands on it circa 1987-88.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this - an important piece of work.

sotise said...

thankxs to all for your participation.. special thanks to
hideo, 1009 for the uploads.
reimer, nice to see you here.. i agree this is one of the great free improv albums of that or any era.. as good as sme at their best ..(for me anyway)

Anonymous said...


JDT said...

Regarding the above , what can you say?
Ironic, that after the childish invective, he finishes with "Please"!
Keep up the good work, Sotise, and all.

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intempestif said...

This is the best Incus release I've ever heard! What a surprise, I'm really lost for words here. My top 5 Incus list will look like this now:
1. Fables
2. Ode (London Jazz Composer's Orchestra/Barry Guy)
3. Topography of Lungs
4. From saxophone and trombone (E.Parker/G.Lewis)
5. Music improvisation company
Also, both Lot 74 and Taps by Derek Bailey.
Thank you again for making this great music available.

serviceton said...

Surely the chap above ("F*CK YOU SOTISE YOU C*%T!") is one of sotise's nearest and dearest friends ?...
At any rate, many many thanks for Company: Fables. The mp3s are still up (mid-Feb 08), though ogg & flac look like they have gone to god. No matter.

Mr Blister said...

Thanks for this - keep them coming

matt w said...

thanks for posting this! as of May 2008 the flac links are working.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. This is a genuine gem!

Orangewerk said...

I downloaded this quite a while ago and listened to it a few times and forgot about it. I listened to it yesterday and was amazed again. There is so much going on. Thanks

Phonemes said...

Thank you for uploading this. I am listening to this now and liking it very much.

The second flac link was dead, but I managed to track down the correct one. If you want this in flac, use these three links:


bruitiste said...

All gone... any chance of a re-up please?

anton said...

could i kindly request for someone to re-post the new links? i think they got deleted in a recent mishap as posted by sotise!


SOTISE said...


anton said...

thanks you for that,


akaboshi14 said...

Someone please repost the files!

Miklos said...

Any chance of a re-up? Can't wait to listen to this. Thanks!

mew23 said...

Re-up of the original flac rip

francisco santos said...