19 January 2008

Chico Freeman Quintet - Live Amsterdam 1982

This recording is of uncertain lineage, I suspect it's a very good audience recording.

For those people not familiar with Freeman's work, he is the son of Von Freeman, 1940's bebopper. Chico's style embraces all forms of jazz from mainstream to free. He has played with just about every big name in the business, from Dizzie Gillespie to Lester Bowie, and led his own bands for the past 25 years or so. Interestingly, I saw that he did a performance at the 2006 Brecon Jazz Festival in a sextet led by British altoist Pete King, and included Alan Skidmore, in
an Elvin Jones tribute concert (that would have been worth seeing !). For non-Brits, the Brecon festival takes place each October in one of the most beautiful parts of Wales, and is one of the key events on the British jazz calendar. I suspect participants turn the gig into a bit of a holiday.

On this outing, he is accompanied by a trumpeter, Wallace Roney who featured in Tony Williams's band during the 1980s and has since led a number of his own bands. Jay Hoggard is a name I didn't know, but likewise has recorded with lots of other people, including a duo with Anthony Braxton.

This posting consists of just over half of the total concert. As this on it's own is over an hours playtime, I thought it sufficient to digest at once. I have the remainder of the concert, which I will upload at a later date if there is enough interest.

Chico Freeman Quintet
Meerwaart 1982.11.14

Chico Freeman ts,ss, fl
Jay Hoggard vibes
Wallace Roney tp
Cecil McBee b
Ronnie Burrage dr

1) 19:20 Each One, Teach One (Ch. Freeman)
2) 25:15 Wilpan´s Walk (C. McBee)
3) 22:45 My One And Only Love

VBR link in comments. I have a flac version which I will post if there is interest.


Boromir said...

MP3 VBR link



drhotte said...

Hey Boromir,

nice post.

Jay Hoggard made very interesting records for India Navigation in 70s, where he for example also played with Freeman on his great Record "Kings Of Mali" and with Flutist James Newton.

Later with his record under his own name he went more into a conventional direction.

I had a India Navigation Record (Riverside Dance) from Beginning of the 80s, which is the only record of my india navigation records which disappoint me.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this and all of the other great posts!!! Amazing stuff.

bayviewsax-lostsoul.blogspot.com said...

Looking forward to hearing this, thanks for posting. CF has two speeds to me -- music I have to have and music that is completely forgettable. Based on this band, I'm hoping for the former. ;)

Space Is The Place said...

Thank you for this Freeman i do love the early Freeman stuff. By the way i just discovered your blog and it looks like a good one :-)

But tel me one thing i apoint that "I suspect it's a cery good audience recordind" Why do you suspect? Do you not list to it before your download it? Cheers

Magoo said...

Thanks for this. I got to see Chico at Ronnie Scott's about 15 years ago, and have loved him since. By the way, I would be interested in Part 2!

sotise said...

bayviewsax, rest assured this is the real deal chico at his most adventurous.
it is a stunning concert, and a great post

Arcturus said...
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Arcturus said...

guess there was no interest in flacs? I'll start on these soon then

& here's a chirp for the 2nd set

I'm very much looking fwd to hearing this - esp the version of Wilpan's Walk

Hoggard's Mystic Winds, Tropic Breezes on India Navigation is a very fine recording, & A Davis' Song for the Old World is on *my* classics list

thanks for this one!

sasha said...

Wow!! Great concert posted here..Always had an ear for Chico with Cecil..They make a great combination..Remember that great duo session that was part of the 'Chico' album on India Navigation? Can we have the second half of this concert please!! Many many thanks.

jiiiiiiiq said...

Thanks Boromir. A magical place is Amsterdam that seems to bring out the best in all musicians, and there is never enough Chico to go around. Roney's in blistering form here too!

FLACs would also be hugely welcome, if I am not pushing my luck Boromir. ;)


vsense said...

Great stuff,


GBML said...

A Fantastic performance, thanks Boromir!

I found a notice (but not the cassette, or r-tape) i my files that at least 6 tracks of this show does exist (Total Time aprox. of 112 minutes)

Does someone knows more?

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the music

Have you posted the other half of the Chico Freeman Amsterdam 1982 concert?

JackRamon said...

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Subhankar said...

Thanks for this post. Would love to hear the rest of the concert.

Heard Chico Freeman live in 1982 in Calcutta, India - with Kenny Baron, Wallace Roney, Ronnie Barrage. I still remember the exquisite playing on Softly, as in the Morning Sunrise and Illas from that concert.