16 December 2007

Lee Konitz/Paul Bley Trio - Live Cambridge Ma 2002

Lee Konitz Trio w/ Paul Bley and Larry Grenadier
Regatta Bar, Cambridge, MA

April 12, 2002
Lee Konitz - alto
Paul Bley - piano
Larry Grenadier - bass

First set

01 intro 0.55
02 sweet and lovely 18.13
03 long ago and far away 14.33
04 i can't get started 11.06
05 star eyes 9.18

Second set

01 intro 01.13
02 ??? 6.08
03 all the things you are 11.50
04 body and soul 12.48
05 star eyes 9.27

Audience recording, but the sound quality is very good.
It's great to hear these two legends still performing so well. I see from his discography that Konitz made his first recording the year I was born, and I'm not exactly in the first blush of youth. He has played and recorded with Bley many times, so I guess they know each other's music very well. I don't know why they decided to include a bass player, I think he's sometimes a little intrusive at times during the more delicate interplay.

This is definitlely one to savour over the Christmas holiday, so send the wife and kids out shopping with the mother-in-law, fill your glass, put another log on the fire and enjoy.

New visitors to this blog should search back to find the fantastic post that sotise put up a while ago - "Duplicity", which features Konitz in a duo with another great pianist, Martial Solal
Links are in the comments (mp3 and flac). My thanks to gchrisnick for seeding.


Boromir said...

VBR quality 0:-


Lexmanbis said...

Thanks a lot for this one !

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Boromir! Anything played by Paul Bley is always worth an ear ... or two!

Peter said...

Two monsters and a fusilier all at once! :D

Thanks very much!

Jazz-Nekko said...


thanks for the taste of some excellent bley!

perhaps you may wish to look in at "the pit" for something in return for your kindness:




Boromir said...

Thanks for the lead jazz-nekko. Some interesting stuff there, including a great Paul Bley trio.

trane said...

Sorry Boromir,

but apparently none of the massmirror links are active!
Could you re-up this one too (Konitz/Blay 2002), and also Ney York Art Quartet "Mohawk"?
It would be greatly appreciated

(email = sparti@unisi.it)

riccardo said...

new mp3 links (175 MB) :



JC said...

Does anyone have the flac files they could repost for this one? Looks like a great show.


duck said...

a great big thank you for this Lee Konitz and for the new links.

Jakob Roland Hansen said...

I would REALLY love to hear this! Could somebody upload it again? Then christmas would come early! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

can someone reup this one?
Thank you