5 December 2007


Hi all
Heres an electrifying gig by ecstatic honker frank wright with one of the greatest European based groups, the blue notes.
There is apparently some doubt that its wright playing tenor here, the first few bars dispel those.
This is a great concert one of the best ive heard in a long time.
Wrights at his most searingly lyrical, the bands pulsating fractured kwela and afro beat rythms suite wright ,amazingly well.
Im not a totally unreserved wright fanatic, but he and the bluenotes are fucking on fire here,and its positively joyous ive been somewhat depressed lately and this has really helped I felt salved after listening to it.

The level of wrights invention and mastery here is staggering.

louis moholo on this wow the way christian vander always wanted to play!! but couldnt.

The sound is about as good as a good 70’s jazz boot.
Which is to say pretty midrangy even quite flat at times, but the music’s incendiary.
Probably a broadcast , on a few occasions there are hints of oxide flake even tape erasure but they are brief.
Brothers and sisters prepare to be posessed by the holy ghost hope and redemption itself.

Ive ripped this 2 disc set to both low quality vbr, and flac so you can try it out and give it a listen before you balk at the big download.


The Blue NotesEindhoven, NetherlandsJune 21, 1979

AUD > ? > CDR > EAC > FLAC(8)

Chris McGregor - pianoFrank Wright(?) - tenor saxDudu Pukwana - alto saxJohnny Dyani - bassLouis Moholo - drums
Disc 11. (42:13)
Disc 21. (45:34)


sotise said...

Mp3 vbr 120kbs


sotise said...

theres an incredible over the rainbow here , just beautiful, end of disc 2 i think

Frédito said...

Sotise man, that's how powerful and healing musics of this calibre can be. I have to try this one, since I'm not safe from depressed moments lately. Thanks for the share, and for the merry introduction. Stylish work !

Anonymous said...


(P.S. Can there seriously be any doubt this is Frank Wright? Surely not ... ?!).

jeff said...

damn - this looks great. thanks. and thanks for continuing to post in mp3 for us behind the times folks.

Anonymous said...

If I read Dudu Puckwana I think it's better flac. Thanks. Can you post JABULA?

Arcturus said...

o my!

il angelo said...


John V said...

sotise-thank you sotise.I just can't get enough of him.Wasn't aware of this date.On fire and wonderful!Thanks again.

John V.

kinabalu said...

Ah, Sotise, you got there ahead of me. I was thinking of posting this one, but as long as this gem is out there, everything's fine and dandy as far as I'm concerned. I do have some more Frank Wright and Blue Notes (separately) up my sleeve, so watch this space!

Anonymous said...

you have a truly wonderful record collection!!
My true congratulations

sotise said...

anon.. i cant help you with jabula
i dont have it unfortunately.

freddy im sorry to hear you've been depressed ,its a horrible and terrifying affliction.. my system cant handle the prescribed medecines.. and a powerful musical experience ,either listening to a great concert or jamming with others brings joy like so few interactions with others.
if not for the music i believe id be a completely reclusive misanthrope.

thanks for the great contributions .lay some more on us..please when you have the time.
and whomever else wants to.
sorry i trumped you on this.

jeff flacs pretty easy to deal with, and id recommend it for this particular show.. the more people hear frank wright at his best the better .. so the mp3's were meant as a taster, so people could decide if they dug it.
if youve got questions bout what to do with the flacs... ask away.

sotise said...

i forgot to mention anon this is not an official release.. its a broadcast or audience concert tape

kinabalu said...


which Jabula are you thinking of specifically? I do have the "Thunder into Our Hearts" which features our man Dudu on alto. A mid-70s release which should also have featured Mongezi Feza had he not died shortly before the recording session.

hideo said...

mighty substantial post, sotise, thanks!

kinablu, more dudu is always welcome!

Henriness said...

So is this from '78 or '79 ?

downloading this ...searching for stuff related to Dudu Pukwana whom I experienced on several occasions at 100 Club...leaving comment now as I find it difficult to find posts again by the time I've checked the vibe.

Great stuff on this Blog so THANX for EVERYTHING..keep it up, much appreciated. Henri

Anonymous said...

Any chance to re-up this one?

kinabalu said...

Not much of a chance, considering that it has been officially released in the meantime.