27 December 2007

Elvin Jones Trio (with Joe Farrell and Jimmy Garrison) - Live Berlin 1968

Hope you are all fully recovered from the excesses of Christmas (though I guess there are always some who go carry on non-stop into early January, may their livers stand up to the punishment!).

This post is a radio recording from 1968, probably an old mono AM broadcast, predating FM. Certainly there are a few crackles and pops on it, but hopefully not enough to spoil your enjoyment. my thanks to ricola for seeding.


Live at Jazztage Berlin,
Philharmonie Berlin, Germany, 1968-11-08
Joe Farrell ts, ss,
Jimmy Garrison b,
Elvin Jones dr.
1. Reza 17:05
2. Gingerbread Boy 3:58
3. Softly as in the morning sunrise 14:37
4. Sweet Little Maia (inc) 3:40

Some excellent soloing from all three artists, though sadly, the 40 year recording quality does not quite do justify to Garrison's flamenco-style solo. Judging by the brevity of the concert, I guess this was only one set from the whole concert, chosen by the radio station.

This post is dedicated to gimir, a good friend to this blog, who once pee'd alongside the great man.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Links in comments as usual.


Boromir said...

VBR quality 0


jazzme said...

Boromir got a question I have some oop cds I would like to post but am not a user of rapidshare ,massmirror or sharebee how can I upload these

jazzme said...

i do use those systems but don't pay to use them the titles i have are vandermark caffeine 2 or 3 brotzmann the one with sabu and derek bailey i also have the incus tapes by bailey and a couple of other oddball titles these are oop and not fmp cds so they should'nt be a problem to post just want to give something back to something so great thx

Boromir said...


You don't have to be a member of RS or massmirror to upload. For example to upload to rapidshare, just go into rapidshare.com, where you will see a dialog box with a browse and upload button. Browse for your file and press upload. When it's finished uploading it will return a URL of your file. (don't let your PC go into standby after it's finished uploading, or you may not get your URL and will have wasted your time).

Massmirror works in a similar manner (go into massmirror.com) and of course loads to multiple hosts, but can sometimes be unreliable.

Hope this helps. Your bailey and brotzmann will be very much appreciated.

jazzme said...

one more how do i make sure they get onto this page

Boromir said...

If you'd like to add the links and any description you want in a comment here, I'll add a new post that references them.

kinabalu said...

Thanks for the Elvin, Boromir. Skimming my own stacks, I do have "The Prime Element" which was a two-fer for Blue Note back in the 70s, made up of two unreleased sessions from 1969 and 1973, respectively. I haven't got around to listening to it yet, but it could be something for the blog. Whaddyasay?

Boromir said...

Any Elvin Jones most welcome kinabalu. I have some more vinyl when I get round to ripping it.

Kevin said...

I agree, the more Elvin the better. Especially the late-60s/early 70s hotness! Thanks a bundle!

jb said...

Thanks for this most welcome, classic and rare Elvin.

Anonymous said...

thanks -- it was a great band and this should be a treat.

jdubb said...

Thanks for this!--I named my daughter after Jimmy's tune on Puttin' it Together.

Andy said...

This is excellent! I'd say the sound quality was extremely good especially given the date. Thanks.

duck said...

Looks like I'm not the only late one here. finding a few dead links but very happy to get this. thanks.

jahknee said...

this is superb, I have the Mosaic box set, and the trio at the begining of it is just smokin'....how awesom to hear them live. This is a nice addition to the collection! Thanks so much!!!!