7 December 2007

company- fictions 1977 incus.. flac and lame

An early improv purchase , thats long out of print and hasn’t seen cd reissue.
This is an often misunderstood album.. almost universally panned by critics who tend to miss the pervasive whimsy and obvious self parody.
In part it stems from the fact that each of the group read from Derek baileys book ‘improvisation its nature and practice in music’ as the music unfolds.
Nothing portentious or even remotely self important here though at times they appear to be hamming serious pretense..

Mengelbergs solo and interaction with coxhill( in particular) on side 2 where he builds an incredible solo which incorporates quotes and dissections of several Beethoven sontas,(including the’ hammerklavier’) seemingly tossing them all in a rhythmic blender.

Beautiful stuff.

Great to hear bailey, mengleberg,and coxhill together, I hadn’t listened to this in years .. what a joy !!!

Side 1
Consisting of-
1) theology
2) ontology
3)speak up lad

side 2
1) so few
2) so many
3) so so
4) so what
5) so long

Derek bailey- guitar, voice
Lol coxhill- soprano sax , voice
Steven Beresford- piano ,toys, voice
Mischa mengelberg- piano, celeste, voice
Ian croall- voice

Recorded in London, august 1977


1009 said...

Not soon enough!

sotise said...

Mp3 320



1009 said...

Thank you so much for this one! I am a huge Bailey fan -- both the playing and the writing. That said, the man had a fantastic sense of humor, as evidenced on the final track of his *Incus Taps* record, entitled "Interview." For those who don't know, it's a fictitious interview in wch DB attempts to explain just what he does, but in wch he carefully manages to avoid saying anything at all. Wonderful, Beckettian stuff.

(Incidentally, if anyone can confirm that *Taps* is oop I'd be happy to post.)

hideo said...

thanks sotise for this--have a couple of company rips from volkan and they're all lots of fun

"taps" appears to be scarcer than hen's teeth if not OOP here in the states

jazzme said...

Please advise of how you can link this to download thx .Taps is in print in the states

jazzme said...

google cortical foundation it's cataloge # is ( organ of corti 10 )If anyone can advise me on how to load these new listings i would appreciate it .

romy said...

many thanks for this post. my daughter was listening intently and referred to this as 'free improvisations 101'!:))

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Anonymous said...

You have such astonishing music on this blog. I've been so intent on downloading recently and then gorging on these aural gastronomical delights that I've quite forgotten to post my thanks for a few days now. My ears just can't get enough. Thank you all so much. I think you deserve a medal, at the very least, for your work (if not great recognition and untold riches!!).
Thanks again (and again, ad infinitum).

Blob_59 said...

do you accept requests? if so, this would be fascinating (rs files gone sorry. if not, sorry to bother you. interesting choices on blog, thanks.

kinabalu said...

We like being bothered when we get a request like yours.


kinabalu said...


Blob_59 said...

Thanks very much. A fascinating lesson/listen indeed.

Cheerio, for now...

akaboshi14 said...

kinabalu, could you re-post this, please?

Anonymous said...

seconding that request

also looking for early LPs by Derek Bailey related ensemble COMPANY - kind of sad how these aren't available digitally

wish Derek's estate would figure out Bandcamp - there's such a deep back catalogue there for Incus that should be easy to buy

Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-up?
best Nik

mew23 said...

Re-up (flac)

guairao said...

Many thanks!!