11 November 2007

raphe malik quartet- live in unna germany october 1979

the great Raphe malik
trumpet player first heard in cecil taylors stunning combo’s of the mid 70’s- early eighties, died last year leaving a gaping hole in the hearts of many admirers.
Read about malik’s life and the circumstances surrounding his death here.

here is a great concert from 1979, featuring 2 of malik’s most simpatico musical collaborators masters in their own right glenn spearman and jay oliver both also now sadly departed and very much missed.
The drummer on this date is steve mcraven .
This concert was originally on dime ,and may perhaps still be there in flac format.
This is a 256 rip , which I got in a trade with a friend.

Many thanks to the original trader/taper ,seeder


raphe Malik Quartet
Unna ,germany

Raphe Malik tp
Glenn Spearman ts
Jay Oliver b
Steve McCraven dr

1) 52:05 SUITE: Life Without Lloyd

total time 52:21
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check out his many great releases on ermite, fmp etc


SOTISE said...

raphe malik unna ,mp3 256

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thanks Sotise. I hadn't heard this one.

centrifuge said...

shit man, you guys are going so fast at the moment i just cannot keep up :(

i enjoyed this concert - thanks! no fucking time to say more than that ... keep it up guys

unitstructure said...

Some powerful music.Thanks for sharing this.I miss them.

JazzHound said...

The posting didn't get a lot of traction last time, but Raphe Malik is a masterful trumpet player who did not get the number of quality recordings as a leader his talent deserved (are we talking creative music/jazz? how unusual) Glenn Spearmann also an undersung artist. If there is any possibility of a re-up on this one, it would be GREATLY appreciated!