30 August 2016


heres a serenely beautiful , bittersweet music that’s very much a central European folk inflected fusion with free jazz.

I know nothing of the Hungarian ‘binder quintet’ beyond this one lp ive owned for 20 years.
A unique gem ,that’s worn very well and is unlikely to ever be reissued on cd.

There is no date at all on the lp, late seventies early eighties seems very likely.
This was put out on KREM the recording label of the state controlled Hungarian national radio broadcaster.


>The text above is by sotise which posted this gem almost at the beginning of this blog ( 9th November, 2007!). And here I discovered the music for the first time in 2009 or so...
Just recently I listened to it and was again delighted.
So here's a re-up for all who haden't the chance the first time around.<

Personnel is

Mihaly Dresch,  tenor saxophone , harmonica
Károly Friedrich, trombone, harmonica
Károly Binder, piano
Róbert Benkö, contrabass
István Baló,  drums
John Tchicai,  alto saxophone

1. Vasvirág (Iron Flower) 20:59  
2. Sirató (Dirge) 6:48  
3. Közép-európai Zajongások (Central-European Hubbub) 15:48

Composed by Mihály Dresch

Recorded at Hungarian radio studio, Budapest, July 29, 1982.

Binder Music Manufactory  BMM 9606 (CD)
Originally released on LP in 1983 - Krém SLPX 17759


sotise said...

binder quintet with tchicai

vbr 220


Frédito said...

Hi Sotise,

Let me be the first to thank you for this rare record ; looking forward to listen !
Found quite a load of info about Karoly Binder, on this page : http://tinyurl.com/2jeyun
This particular album is from 1982.

cool-trane said...

The real hero here is Mihaly Dresch, who is the compositer of all the tracks. He is a world class player. Unfortunatelly his most cretive periode is practically not documented officially due to communist regime's culture politic. He is still very active, but rather plays folclore based quiet music always with a lot emotions and determination.

sunship said...

Very sophisticated playing that obviously is under some folk music influences, but reminds me at times of the Art Ensemble of Chicago. A most welcome surprise. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

wow, what a fantastic record! thanks for posting this. moments remind me of moholo's "spirits rejoice" but it'd very enjoyable on its' own terms. thank you!

ubu said...

I have ony just downloaded this, but I'm sure I'll love once I've heard it... anyway, another of my own modest covers I wanted to share:


htakat said...

thanks a lot this is a wonderful music

moha said...

Oh thank You very much, I've heard it a very very long time ago! Moha

Anonymous said...

karoly binder..this is new for me, thank you so much for all the info and this great music

corvimax said...

late as often, but thank you
molto bello

Thalamus said...

I have the vinyl (I got it a long-long time ago in an other galaxy) and I like it very much - apparently, just like you. Good to see it here...

Thank you very much for the post!

Sincerely yours,


P.S.: I discovered your blog only recently - what a precious gift it is for me and to all of my fellow music lovers!

Thank you very much for this wonderful blog.


ushaped said...

Hello, any chance of a re-up for this album?

All the best!

rev.b said...

: - /

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

ooops - sorry...here's it

JD said...

Thanks for the repost.....I like Mihaly Dresch and had never heard this album....

Solomon said...

Thank you!

Nod y said...

For those who are interested, Mr Binder have reissued this album on cd in 1995. It have never correctly been available but few copies appears sometimes on discogs

Joseph Stelmaszek said...