3 October 2007

Lester Bowie Quartet- Bern, Switzerland November 17th 1977

hi all
many thanks to boromir for keeping this blog active in the last month with some great concerts and vinyl rips.
heres another great one , the sound is far from perfect, and unfortunately i dont have this in lossless worth hearing none the less .
the music is inventive and has an energy that studio recordings in lesters case seldom captured.
massimo urbani is a real revelation here, i have heard him on perhaps one or two things before, but this is somethin' ese.
unfortunately after uploading this, whilst burning a disc my disc drive collapsed, so i wont be able to upload for a few weeks.
many thanks to the original seeder on dime, and boromir for this.
heres the info:
Lester Bowie QuartetBern, Switzerland
November 17th 1977
Lester Bowie tp,
Masimo Urbani as
,Peter Frei b
Martin Silverberg dr
1) 20:242) 42:33 3) 01:11 4) 02:10total time 67:46
the rythym sections nothing special , though they are more than merely meritricious.
and they more or less keep out of the way.


sotise said...

this is in high vbr

split archive 113 meg



The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

thanks for the share!
"the rythym sections nothing special , though they are more than merely meritricious.
and they more or less keep out of the way."

as a bass player, if i stay out of the way, then i've done a good job!:)

taran said...

hey sotise,
for your info and that of your readers:
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carla said...

The times of the files don't match the posted times. Track 2 appears to be 54 minutes. Can you advise?

Anyway, thanks for the music.

Boromir said...

I can answer your question I think. The files are in variable format bit rate mp3. Windows does not have the capability to detect from the total size of the file and the bit rate what the duration is, as it can in a fixed bit rate. It does it's calculation from the bit rate of the first frame (hence the calculated duration may be higher or lower than actual,depending on the nature of the file). I think you'll find that the published times in the info file are correct.
If it really bothers you, there is a piece of software that you can download called VBRFIX which will run through the file and create a proper VBR header.

rob 60 said...

rapidshare non esiste piu' si puo' fare un nuovo upload grazie

Anonymous said...

Can someone reupload this one ?

rob 60 said...

Please re-up this!!!! Special Thanks.

rob 60 said...

Can someone reupload this one ?
Thanks, Rob 60

mew23 said...

New link

francisco santos said...