9 October 2007

Joe McPhee's Survival Unit III - Live NYC Vision Festival 2007 ,FLAC and LAME

This recording comes by way of a torrent (thanks to "jazzrita" for seeding). It is an audience recording. The sound quality is reasonable, I'd say typical of a modern audience boot. I've enclosed a small 1 min mp3 sample (see Links) so you can judge for yourself.

Concert details:

Joe McPhee - Survival Unit III
2007-June-20 NYC, USA,Angel Orensanz Center, 12. Vision Festival 2007

Joe McPhee,fh,as
Fred Lonberg-Holm,cello
Michael Zerang,dr

1 Title (JMcP,as) 8:34
2 Title (JMcP,as) 7:52
3 Title (JMcP,as) 14:53
4 Title (JMcP,fh) / Announcement JMcPh 14:38
Total Time: 45:58

I'd be interested to know where McPhee got the name "Survival Unit" (was it a personal statement about his life?), why there wasn't a SU I, but III came 30 years or so after II.

Sample, flac and mp3 links in comments.


Boromir said...

mp3 sample

full mp3


Slothrop said...

Many thanks for this Boromir. McPhee to me is a wholly original giant. I'll never understand why he flies beneath the radar. Nice to see some of Chicago's lesser known lights getting out there, too.

Thanks again!

centrifuge said...

slothrop - because he's original, unfortunately...

all the hip cats do dig him ;-)

thanks boromir!

Anonymous said...

actually "survival unit one" was a pre-recorded tape. in early 70s joe used to have it on hand when some of his band members could not make it to the show.

survival unit ii (recently re-issued by hathut guys) is one of the essential albums in his discography. used to be very difficult to find. now it is thankfully available again.

this here is a very good set. i'd recommend to visitors visout hesitation.

all the best,

Boromir said...

Thanks for that insight, atanase. I wonder if the others used to mime to to the tape if they were a mon short.