27 October 2007


HERE'S, a stunning live album by one of the all time
great free jazz groups, this the first album of theirs i ever bought, and Ive loved the collective sound of this group ever since.

threadgill has now like anthony braxton transcended the idiom, and there are plenty of pointers to this (rampantly eclectic )future direction throughout this GLORIOUS slab .

this bands palette was as broad as it was subtle, almost everything can happen,a truly rich and rewarding listening experience.

i never tire of listening to this, one could spend a lifetime and find continual renewal.

who knows why the aeco became more acclaimed than AIR or the Revolutionary ensemble for me along with Leo smith and anthony braxton's mammoth oeuvre.
the most joyous and satisfying listening experiences Ive ever had, contemporary free jazz is hugely mannered by comparison.

fred hopkins and steve mccall -are sadly no longer with us.

this is a very clean vinyl rip, and shame on bmg or whomever owns novus for not deeming air's albums worthy of full hansomely packaged reissue.

its almost criminal.
many people are starving for this, and if they dont step in and fill the gap, we will continue to share it in the form of crackly vinyl rips!!

a pox on their stingy bottom line mentality, and bottomless profit mongering.
as well as there ephemeral taste shaping on a mass toxic scale.


VISIT HENRY THREADGILLS PAGE (the only one i can find)

album info
air suisse , recorded live at montreux jazz fest july 22, 1978, released by novus( now bmg)

side 1
lets all go down to the footwash

side 2
suisse air

henry threadgill- saxes, fl
fred hopkins -db
steve mccall- dr

many thnks to yann ,for his help with this current batch of rips!


sotise said...

flac- 230 meg
(split archive)



i'll add vbr mp3 if anyone wants it.

Brent said...

mp3 would be awesome if it's not trouble.

i didn't get into *air lore* all that much, but a couple of the earlier ones (*raid* in particular) were interesting. definitely something i need to devote some more attention to.

sotise said...

hi brent
this is well worth your time.


John V said...

sotise-Thanks so much for this!Wow!I get so much out of Air and all of Threadgill's post-Air work as well.Your comments are also much appreciated. I love visiting your blog and I want to thank you for providing a repository for this kind of (avant garde?)music.I have enjoyed your posts elsewhere as well.You introduced me to Alan Silva's work as a leader and I think he, like Threadgill,is just amazing.Thanks again. John V.

sotise said...

john ,its a pleasure glad you're diggin' it

hideo said...

sotise, nice to see you back (dropping the usual bomb on us) ...

thought boromir might have chloroformed you ;)

Abe said...

Ahh, Threadgill!!Thank you.

Brent said...

v. impressed. normally i'm not too keen on percussion numbers, but "suisse air" definitely kept me rapt throughout -- and then threadgill on the bari! clearly mats gustafsson learned something here! this is definitely one of the most interesting and enjoyable tracks i've heard in a while.

sotise said...

brent, glad you liked it
aim enjoying your posts on lucky's blog
but finding it difficult to leave a comment because of the verification thing (dislexia)

if you ever want to post here... the more the merrier

Brent said...

hi sotise--

i'd be happy to contribute posts here, but i'm afraid my collection is quite small and generally limited to in-print stuff. (the exceptions almost always come from places like inconstant, mr. lucky, c#9, etc.) i just had a few that overlapped w/ lucky & posted stuff in the comments that he ended up putting up as actual posts.

that said, i do have a handful of derek bailey's recordings that may or may not be in-print. & i'm not sure about the status of *sunny's time now*, but i've got that one, wch seems to be hard to find. (scored it used for $10.99 us.) you can email me at brentmix@gmail.com if you want to throw any ideas around.

jeff said...

I finally got a chance to listen to this. It is fantastic. Great stuff. I've been looking for Air discs for quite a while now, and to no avail. there is just enough resemblence of structure amidst the freedom to keep this intersting. nay, riviting. Especially on the second tune, first side. and the extended percussion piece on the second is brilliant. I was just listening to David Murray's 3D family (from 1978) the other day, and there is a similarity once you get past the first track - that focused mood and partially constrained aggession while underneath the tension boils away. Love it. thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know anything about this band. Really good.

Thank you

centrifuge said...

hey man, i am really pleased to see this up :)

i had intended to post glmlr's vinyl rip at c#9 but never did (partly this was because of the rumours that threadgill himself was gonna reissue some of the albums) - i totally agree with your various comments, just an amazing group of musicians... the more people that can be reminded of that, the better!

ghostrancedance said...

Thank you! I used to have this on vinyl years ago but it was among a batch of LPs that were ripped off. It's great to have the music again!!!!

Neroon001 said...

THANK YOU for posting this !!! I have waited a very long time to hear this record

farosanderson said...

Thanks for the opportunity to download this one. I wasn't aware of this albums existence. I saw Air at the Roundhouse in London 79 or 80 and still remember it as a magical night, k night. Steve McCall in particular was wonderful.

Jeffro said...

This is much appreciated! It should be noted that much of the percussion is Threadgill on the "Hubkaphone" - an assemblage of hubcaps and junk that really would have been something to see.

francisco santos said...

re post, please!....