30 August 2007

john stevens- freebop 1982 affinity lame 320kbs vinyl rip

heres one that was , kindly left in the comments to boromir's post of a broadcast by the same band. this is brought to us by kinablu, many thanks(hope you dont mind us posting this, it deserves greater exposure)

i havent heard a great deal of stevens in this much more jazz orientated context, the few i have heard have been wonderful.

this one is particularly good, a vinyl in stunningly good sound , of kinablus lovingly preserved vinyl.
John Stevens: FreebopAFF 101Recorded live at the South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell Jazz Festival, July 3, 1982
Personnel:Gordon Beck-piano
Jon Corbett-trumpet
Pete King-alto
Paul Rutherford-trombone
Jeff Clyne-bass
John Stevens-drums
Track listing:Side One:1. Blue Line2. Rhythm Is3. Take CareSide Two:1. Okko2. Kook

Kinablu says” It's a hybrid of sorts which really works, imho. Particularly enjoyed the interplay of Peter King and Gordon Beck. Really a bit of a showcase for King on this date. And proves that John Stevens did a whole more than the pure improv of SME (which I find myself appreciating as much, if not more).
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Boromir said...

Terrific post. Thanks again kinablu.

kinabalu said...

Be my guest. I've got more John Stevens OOP vinyl, but one thing at a time, eh?

stephen said...

Lovely stuff, thank you.

Would it be uncivil of me to again urge you to switch on your RSS feed in Blogger? :-)

sotise said...

if you would like to make your own posts here, ill invite you just say the word eh

kinabalu said...


oh yes, I wouldn't mind if I can be briefed on the technicalities. Over the next couple I'm going to be pretty busy and mostly out of the country, but perhaps we can talk in a couple of weeks' time?

Any email I can use?

sotise said...

you can contact me via this email

i dont know how the others feel, but i have no intention of switching the rss on.
why not save the sight through favourites?

stephen said...

> i dont know how the others feel,
> but i have no intention of
> switching the rss on.

but but but.. your RSS used to be on, at least according to Lucky at Cut*Out.

I have got the site saved, but its much easier for readers to stick the feed in a feed-reader and be notified of new content.

john said...

thanks again for this one too; I did see it previously but have only just felt the strong need to have this music!