7 July 2007


Roach Om - Universal Expressions
(United Sound USR 4626) (197?)

LA/Bay Area, spoken word; black power poetry by female poet / rapper Roach Om.
Very Rare!!! & collectable private press, past on front cover with a plain white back! No information as too musicians or track titles!!
I brought this about 30 years ago because the backing musicians were rumoured to be the group “Juju” who had recently released “A Message From Mozambique” On Strata East Records, a label that I was seriously into at the time (& still include some of my most played albums today). Unfortunately I have never been able to confirm the rumour, so if there is anyone reading this who worked for United Sound Studio in Berkley CA during the 70’s & has any further info, it would be most appreciated!!

Vinyl Rip @ 256kbps

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Flux'us said...


Reza said...

Many thanks fluxus , cant help with any info but the music is great :)

gilhodges said...

Found an interesting page with a (ca.1970) high school band recording featuring Roach Om's first ever appearance on wax. The page presents one MP3.

Go here:

Peace and love,

Jake said...

The musicians are superb - tunes are solid, and also very sensitive to the mood of poetry. Its not just the background music, they are actually tight with her through the pieces, esp the sax on the 2nd part of side A. Ah and notice how bongos on the B side punctuates her rhythm. And the mix is excellent - music doesnt drown anything out - a common problem with jazz poetry - but here all the words are there perfectly audible. This is very nice, thank you so much. Must say, the poetry itself is kinda amature, at times it gets a little cheesy but its passionate and sincere enough to be enjoyable. Though compared to say, Amiri Baraka who, I think, is one of the top American poets, maybe THE top American poet - but then who can compare to him? Really enjoyable, very cool - thanx a million!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! this is a real mind opener, one of the best albums I've heard!

nijimasu said...

Please re-up! Would greatly appreciate to hear this one!

Unknown said...

Amazing album!

Unknown said...

Holy cow! Unfortunately the link's dead — can this be reupped? — Thanks, Jon