25 June 2007

ICP OO6- "group composing" 1970

heres another, upload by 'boromir' by request
this album has also appeared on the mutant sounds
blog,but many people including myself were unable to open one of the files.
so here it is again, unlikely that this will ever be reissued, the master tapes of this and other I.C.P,releases have apparently been lost.
heres a review by none other than eugene chadbourne.

The name Instant Composers Pool has become synonymous with the extended ensemble of Misha Mengelberg, closely identified with both his compositions and his amusing outlook on life. These associations mean the use of the name in conjunction with this early-'70s recording may wind up hiding a crucial and astonishing document of group improvisation. The German, Dutch, and British scenes come together for this extended piece of music, spilling over two sides and titled simply "Groupcomposing." The players featured are some of the most famous and well respected from these countries, interacting in a hustle bustle of energetic attacks and contrasting moods that is bound to make fans of the European free improvisation scene jump up and down, and why not since the people downstairs are probably already horrified. Some of these listeners, again, think Instant Composers Pool and imagine written charts, somewhat similar to what Willem Breuker cooks up. This album is much more like the acclaimed Topography of the Lungs release from roughly the same era, and in fact that album's three participants are all on hand here: Derek Bailey playing electric guitar with a tone that will make listeners want to raid the fridge, Evan Parker demonstrating how to play frantically and subtly at the same time, and Han Bennink approximating a windstorm on percussion, all fairly well recorded for this period. Mengelberg is also more on the case than he often is in these types of settings — he uses space, but does more than just sit back smoking and watching the others freaking out. Paul Rutherford is great on trombone, and so is the drummer's underrated brother Peter Bennink on both dangerously addled alto saxophone and preposterous bagpipe. Followers of this admittedly very challenging music all have their favorite events where the music just seemed totally inspired, one startling scenario developing after another on-stage. That, boy howdy, is just what this record is like.


boromir said"Here's Brotzmann et al in Group Composing ICP006 Peter Brotzmann: tenor saxPaul Rutherford: trombone Han Bennink: percussionMisha Mengelberg: pianoEvan Parker: tenor and soprano saxPeter Bennink: alto sax, bagpipesDerek Bailey: guitarRecorded: 15/5/1970 Rotterdamhttp://rapidshare.com/files/39294123/ICP006.rar.html

Vinyl ripped at 224 kbps Scans attached, though cover's rather bland.
i couldn't agree less, i really rather like this cover,i assume its designed by bennink
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Brent said...

very nice scans! so is this a new rip entirely? i was able to get the mutant sounds rip to play and i'm pretty happy w/ the sound, but if this is a superior "product" i'll have to pick it up.

thanks either way!

sotise said...

yeah,brent this is a rip from boromir's vinyl, i wouldnt know if it was superior to the mutant sounds vers, i deleted that in frustration at not being able to open the 2nd file, boromirs slabs are usually in good nick eh

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for offering this! have been a fan of ICP for many years now and this particular album seems to have been missed by my radar.

In chadbourne's review notes, i wonder why he failed to mention Brotzmann's name? :-)


Bozo the Clown said...

one of the few remaining "holy Grails" of the early EFM scene,Bozo would like to proclaim his fondness of this unbelievable jam to the free jazz/improv public. He doesn't understand the excuses as to why the original-era ICP stuff has not come back out. If forced to choose between this and "Machine Gun" for that desert island library, "Groupcomposing" would get the nod. Peter Bennink adds a insane element to the fun, whatever happened to him? Thanks to Sol for keeping the crown jewels available for viewing!