24 June 2007

Hamid Drake's Bindu recorded at Vision Festival XI on June 16 2006

boromir, said
"We had our first new potatoes last night, variety Vanessa, which is pink-skinned. . One of the lettuces I've grown this year is called Australian Yellow Loose Leaf, and it's done very well. I have 2 main crop potatoes growing (Desiree and Picasso), which I will harvest in September (if the slugs leave them alone)"
b. 3 August 1955, Monroe, Louisiana, USA. Hamid Drake studied drums extensively, including eastern and Caribbean styles. In 1974 he began what was to be a long-term musical relationship with Fred Anderson. In the late 70s, Anderson introduced him to George Lewis and Douglas Ewart. His most significant percussion influences, Ed Blackwell and Adam Rudolph, date from this period. The latter, who was a childhood friend, became another continuing collaborator and they appeared together in numerous contexts, including Anderson's 1979 The Missing Link. Don Cherry, who Drake first met in 1978, was another continuing collaborator. Also in the late 70s, Hamid Drake became a member of the Mandingo Griot Society, appearing on the group's first album.
Hamid Drake's Bindu recorded at Vision Festival XI on June 16 2006
Line-up: Hamid Drake - drums, tabla, frame drumsDaniel Carter, Sabir Mateen: tenor and alto saxophoneErnest Dawkins - tenor and alto saxophones, wooden fluteGreg Ward: alto saxophone, clarinet
Set list: Meeting and Parting,
Improvised Piece
photo of hamid drake by frank rublino, from "drummer world"


H&H said...

Pink-skinned new potatoes are a treat ; my neighbour (actually my parents' neighbour) gave us some lettuce lately, and new potatoes (yellow-skinned ones) some weeks ago. He is our provider of fresh vegetables and food from the garden. We have some cherries in the tree, will make good liquor.
Merci pour les enregistrements, by the way :o)

sunship said...

Beautiful performance. Thanks for sharing this gem.

Ford MF said...

Thanks for the upload!

I just saw Hamid at this year's Vision Festival with Anderson. Monster fucking set. I'd give my right arm to have that in my iTunes.

monsieur lu said...

Thanks a lot. Hamid Drake has become my favorite drummer, he has a unique style.