4 October 2015


Here's a repost of a post from the early days of the blog. The text below is as it was posted back then. New links have been added at the bottom of the comments section.

And now the same aforementioned friend brings us his rip of yet another mid sixties classic. Again taken from a well loved and played record. All the tunes here are C. Bley's save for Communications#7 which was recorded in Baarn, Holland, on 11th of january 1966.


1/ Doctor
2/ Oni Puladi
3/ J.S.
4/ Walking Batterie Woman
5/ Closer
6/ Communication No 7

Mike Mantler: trumpet;
Steve Lacy: soprano;
Carla Bley: piano;
Kent Carter: bass;
Aldo Romano: drums.

Fontana 1966/1990

My friend feels this is a very special record, with which I can only concur as I've said elsewhere. This entire Phillips series ,was briefly reissued (for about 2 minutes) in Japan, first on vinyl in the early eighties and then cd for even less time in the early 90's. Those are now very high ticket items which I certainly cant afford. When will larger lables ever learn that there is a market for this stuff? I'd be the first to replace worn vinyl and rips from same, but I'm sure as hell not prepared to fork out up to USD 150 for a used cd.

 Just to add briefly to the last paragraph, the files are from the 1990 cd.


glmlr said...

The early roots! Thank you.

Sunmyth said...

Yes! I've been searching for this one for a long time. I hope to see more fontanas in the future!

George said...

You list only 6 titles, but there are 7 tracks. What Gives??

-Otto- said...

In response to George: I really wonder what gives. There have never been more than 6 tracks on this LP. You may want to check


for more detailed information.

And to the poster: Thank you for this rare album. One of the early recordings that can be associated with the Jazz Composer's Orchestra Association.

If anybody is interested, Matt Endahl's page dedicated to the JCOA is available again here:


Anonymous said...

This is the worse rip i ever saw wrong tags, wrong artists name .. you should let your hand off. Jasper

Anonymous said...

I've seen pictures of this album (Bley/Mantler/Lacy: Jazz Realities) and always wondered how it would compare with her later output. Thanks for the posting, it's appreciated.

Barron said...

Alas, the link is dead.

Any chance of a re-up?

BTW, just discovered your blog via Holy Warbles.

Smiley said...

Re-up on this one? I'm looking through some of the freely downloadable sheet music on the WATT record label website, and want to hear the recording of "Oni Puladi" while checking out the score.

Anonymous said...

Re-up please? Thank you.

kinabalu said...

New link:


Giuliano Panzironi said...


tpfkaa said...

Thank you kinabalu!

CarlaCarla Carzo said...

Does anyone have the version of this band with Brotz instead of Lacy? Somewhere, I THINK I had /have a few minutes of it, in poor Q,rounding out one of those things your grandparents called "cassettes", but finding it would be harder than achieving world peace!

Javier Roz said...

Thanks kinabalu for this new link. Great album!

francisco santos said...

Big THX !....

bernizz said...

There are some copies to be found reasonably priced: http://www.jazzmessengers.com/en/98989898/complete-catalog-of-the-label-cool-music

serviceton said...

Someone rather unkindly said in 2009 that the old post was the worst rip ever. That's not true, but it did seem to be made with a very microphonic turntable in pretty average sound, with tags crediting 'carla blet' - with other infelicities.
I'm not usually one to laud CD over LP upgrades, but in this case, these new files are better in every way.

I have great affection for this record - thanks kinabalu !

Bill said...

Thanks kinabalu!