4 May 2007

PAUL BLEY,TOUCHING -(1965 fontana)

hi all
heres one of my very favourites,if youve never heard bley ,this is a great place to start.
this is boromirs rip of the original vinyl, i have the freedom double album reissue which also includes live 'blood' in amsterdam from the following year.
but this single disc version ,(now pretty rare) is absolutely essential.
at the time this was recorded ,the conventional pno.,db and drum
format ,had largely fallen out of favour with the avant guard.
weve searched hard to assertain its availability,without luck the reissue on black lion from 10 years or so ago is pretty much out of print.
i like this better than closer and barrage from the same period.
i cant find a review of this (even in the all music guide) no doubt about it though this is one of his BEST, from the period.
visit paul bley 's home page here http://www.improvart.com/bley/
boromir' said 'Here's the link for Touching:- http://rapidshare.com/files/29219501/PBley.rar.html
Vinyl ripped at
192 kbps.
Cover scans attached.
we'll have more blet thats out of print to post, down the road, including live 'blood ,if it's not available , as well as the rare'mr joy' from 1968.
at the improvart webpage youcan get, both his and other artists records
including great ones by,j.guiffre, lester bowie, lee konitz , sam rivers ,sun ra and so on.
paul bley also appears on 2 rare previous posts
and here
both being incidently from the same period as 'touching'


actuel said...

you're my hero! i crave bley and have found some good ones here and there, while sharing one of my favs here: http://curved-air.com/2006/04/03/paul-bley/

thx once again Flux'us/dipmong!

Julien said...

you're talkin' about 'mr joy' from 1968 I'm looking for as a mole and can't find it anywhere. Will'U do something for me
thanks for the great job U're doing here

teddywilson said...

One of the very best from my fave years for Paul Bley. Thanks a lot !

jdubb said...

I don't know this one--I love "With Gary Peacock" and "Mr. Joy" and "Closer", so this comes with high hopes--thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

Greetings! I love Bley from this period but I have never heard of this one. I look forward to lisening to it. Many thanks for the posting.


Christopher Jones said...

just found this last night; been on a serious bley kick these last few weeks. awesome!
if you get around to posting "blood" that would be great too.