13 April 2007


C. P. U. (Cosmic Pulsation Unity)
Recorded at Nippon Columbia Studio, Tokyo

Masahiko Satoh - Piano, Percussion.
Keiki Midorikawa - Cello, Bass.
Masahiko Togashi - Drums, Percussion.

Side A: Siki Ran (21.15)
Side B: A-Un (20.00)

Masahiko Togashi made his professional debut at the age of 14.
In 1969, he became wheelchair-bound, but his music continued to thrive with increased vigor. In 1978, he was awarded the Minister of Education's Newcomer Award for Artistic Excellence, and has continued to release a number of award-winning albums.

Vinyl rip @ 192 kbps

Download Here.


Anonymous said...

hi dipmong and flux'us
thanx for these recent items
especially flux'us for this incredible post i for one would love more rare japanese improv,
and perhaps some out of print fmp
do you guys have anything else with this incredible percussionist
togashi, i found the togashi post on church a fantastic record, in fact any earlier manglesdorf would also be much appreciated
thanks again for these super cool posts dudes
boris kovacs

Flux'us said...

Hi Boris,

You're welcome. I have Togashi - Speed & Space, also many other Japanese artists, just have too find what is OOP!

Did you get the Urabe or Harutaka albums from the Church?

I belive Dipmong has some interesting Manglesdorf?

Stay tuned you never know what will turn up next!!

centrifuge said...

remarkable stuff, flux'us - not least as it shows the extent to which the sound-palette explored by (eg) crispell, peacock and motian had already been quite thoroughly explored years earlier... by togashi, aided either by japanese sidemen or europeans... very stimulating music!

el goog said...

Hello flux'us
I made a link to here.
If you don't want it, please tell me.
Masayuki Togashi - Session in Paris Vol.1: Song of Soil [1979] [Paddle Wheel/King Record GP-3206]
Thank you for sharing and keep it up!!


mattas said...

thank you...