5 April 2007

Brooklyn Big Cats.

Dipmong has graciously asked me too contribute to Inconstant Sol, as a team member.

So for my first official post I have decided to go with; one of my favourite live bands in recent years. Brooklyn’s Double Leopards, this is a cdr release on Polyamory (which if memory serves me right; was run by Aaron Dilloway & Tovah Olsen of Wolf Eyes fame), now a defunct label!!
Like most Polyamory releases this was issued in very limited numbers, and pretty much sold out before the majority knew of its existence. These recordings feature an early incantation of the group without Mike Bernstein or Maya Miller.

As previous posts here range from Free Jazz to Japanese underground rock, there is plenty of scope for diversity.

What I would like now from the visitors to this blog, is an indication as to which direction you would like any future uploads too take? Genres? Artists / Groups? Initially; rather than requests for specific albums, you can leave a comment by clicking on the title of this post then scroll down & click “Post a Comment” it’s that easy!

Credits: Photo by Bill T Miller. (Used without permission. Sorry)

Cover scans included in the rar file.
Ripped @ 256kbps

Double Leopards – Circa 1999-2001 – Polyamory (2004)



Anonymous said...

now thats so much better
whoever posted this ,rallizes was promising now youve made my day.
some of what dipmong posts is somewhat twee, if not downright turdy, der duh dude
please mister fluxus highjack this blog
why all the dick pulling horns when you can experience real chemical flex, eh flux
more wrrrokkkk puhleaze and less old timey niggah sleaze hunh

Flux'us said...

Hi Annon,

Glad you enjoyed this; I have got a lot of their albums and related projects. As I said they are one of my favourite live bands at the moment! I will probably upload something else of there’s in the future, but the object of me contributing here is to add as much diversity as possible.

Are there any other bands / Artists that you would like to see here?

Sorry; but you wont convince me that Dipmongs posts are "Twee!" I am as much into free jazz as free rock noise drone twisted folk psyche industrial weirdness!!
And I love a bit of scalp sheering saxophone.

Isaac Linder said...

great record!

thanks so much- I played with Hototogisu awhile back in Baltimore - marcia and matt are such sweet people.

as far as future uploads? i'm freestyling and will probably update this list when I have a little more time, but i'd love to see:

rare/o.o.p. Nautical Almanac stuff?
other names that i'd like to hear some hard-to-find stuff from...

sachiko M, alessandro bosetti, michel chion, mauricio kagel, lionel marchetti, jaques berrocal, the schimpfluch commune (anyone related to tochnit aleph) & achim wollscheid

okay, i must run. thanks again!

Flux'us said...


A very interesting & obscure selection!!!

Was the Hototogisu concert you played; recorded? I have quite a few of Mathew Bower's projects including His Hototogisu solo and the duets with Marcia Bassett.

I am away from home until Monday evening, I'll check out what I have & sort out some uploads, during the week.

Nautical Almanic I have; We Want War & another that has record grooves cut into the cd!

I have 5 or 6 Kagel albums, so I could certainly up one of those.

Saciho M, only with Ensemble Cathode (which I think are still in print).

Bosetti, maybe a Postura album, I have similar artists like John Butcher or Xavier Charles, but I'll have too check what is in print.

Chion, none! I have other Avant Classical/ musique concrète. Cage, Stockhausen, Varese, Ferrari, Tietchens).

Berrocal, only on the Nurse With Wound lp's.

The others! Although I have a little knowledge of them, I don't have any recordings.

Isaac Linder said...

hey fluxus,

if youre responsible for the Urabe posts on C#9, thanks so much.

mmmmm..... I was thinking today... rare: Cooper-Moore? (particularly the wooden box of 45's), John Berndt, Morton Feldman, Jessica Rylan, Toshi Makihara, Tatsuya Nakatani, Charles Gayle, Misha Mengelberg?...

okay, i'll stop.


dipmong said...

isaac hi
and flux'us too
go to the mutant sounds blog nd there youll find as much berrocal as you need.
they have up both early futura record, 2 catalog albums
as well as operation rhino which is a lrge improv ensemble featuring berrocal as well as a couple of pierre bastien records a couple of which berrocal guested on.
most of it is commercialy available if not nessecarily easy to get hold of.
i suggest oing to the futura website too a lot of unique french underground stuff there.
berrocal may be enjoying a chic cachet at the moment, because of the wire magazine's features on him
but theres plenty of other great french stuff wire ignore.
check out lardfree, fille qui mousse, perception, camizole,and DDAA one of which is posted on this blog, mutant sounds has others.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a real great post. Cool.