4 March 2007

steve lacy the wire 1975

068 - THE WIRE: Steve Lacy Sextet 1/ The Twain (Lacy) 6:31 2/ Esteem (Lacy) 8:40 3/ The Owl (Lacy) 4:17 4/ The Wire (Lacy) 4:58 5/ Cloudy (Lacy) 6:12 6/ Dead Line (Lacy) 8:06 Recorded at Nippon Columbia's 1st Studio, Tokyo, June 18, 1975 Steve Lacy: soprano; Masahiko Satoh: piano; Masahiko Togashi: percussion; Keiki Midorikawa: cello, bass; Yoshio Ikeda: bass; Motoharu Yoshizawa: bass. 1977 - Denon Jazz (Japan), YX 7553 (LP) Note: (3) is a duo with Steve Lacy and Masahiko Togashi.

heres another ultra rare unreissued steve lacy album from 1975,on nippon columbia this ,is one of my favorites from this period ,and may well be one of the most challenging records he ever made.for those who like their lacy fairly free and exploratory. i will in the next month or so be upping,stalks,threads, follies,and many more.

check the links section for lacy's discog.
heres the link-http://rapidshare.com/files/19280414/wir.rar


Michael said...

I wonder how many of the people at the Wire magazine (which looted its name over 25 years ago from this Steve Lacy record) have ever heard it. If they had, the quality of the magazine might be a lot higher.

dipmong said...

apparently the wire mag was almost exclusively a jazz and improv review issue one had a spread on lacy and featured him on its cover.
seems to have gone the way of downbeat ,thouh in downbeats case featuring non jazz seemed to have made it more interesting.
not that i read music magazines much.
a friend of mine though has a stack
piled up several metres right next to the toilet bowl in his bathroom.
his justification being its 'selectively' informative.

Pierre said...

Hello dipmong, I've been searching for this album for a long time, so thanks for uploading it on the internet. Would it be possible to trade for a lossless copy ? I can offer you some other free jazz rarities in return. Please let me know at [pierre.crepon@free.fr].

Thanks again.

Prospectus said...

This album has a very dark mood, especially with the arco basses and the dissonant piano. The percussion too adds to the mood.

Every plays well and interprets Lacy's composistions in a way that works exclusively with the selected sideman. If the album was recorded with his regular group at the time (Abei, Potts, Few, Carter, Johnson) it would have been completely different.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to find all the free jazz music at the below pages. Thanks! With these Steve Lacy Record, I'm now 18 down, and 24 to go! Thanks Again!



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