26 March 2007

saxophone, bass and drums from san francisco

robert.o said...
great new blog!i really like the visual art--very cool.the following is a link to a live recording of myself (bass) with sheldon brown (tenor) and vijay anderson (drums) from 1.17.07 at the makeout room in san francisco... it's about 45 minutes of improvised music -- feel free to share this link with anyone http://rapidshare.com/files/16530778/1.24.7.mp3

this link was posted in the comments last month
sorry robert i'd completely forgotten about this thanks for sharing your music with us.

hey robert, this really is righteous stuff!, ( if you feel youd like to post more gigs i for one
would be pleased! and why not leave a po box adress in the comments if youve got discs for sale?

thats correct people grab this its good, its not hard core non idiomatic free improv, but rather imaginative lyrical free jazz.

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Space Is The Place said...

I recherched and became it out:

The Robert Overbury Trio

Robert Overbury. (bass)
Sheldon Brown (tenor)
Vijay Anderson (drums)

Live at Make-Out Room, Frisco, CA on
January 17th, 2007

you may visit Robert Overbury here:

Thank you Robert for introducing me yourself. Great Music :-) and i hope you are not disconforme with this info addition.