12 March 2007


hi all
heres an ultra rare marion brown soundtrack(To marcel camus, un ete sauvage") on french poydor.
this is the only other marion brown rarity in my possesion at the moment.
its sadly unlikely that this will ever see the light of day again ,as a cd reissue.
one can only hope.
this is much more varied in scope than many jazz soundtracks,it encompasses everything from modal extensions of a simple folk song, afro cosmic groove , slightly modish rock flavoured pieces, to all out free improv.
its a stunning line up too.
Marion Brown (as, bells)Gunter Hampel (vibes, bass cl, tree bells)Ambrose Jackson (tp, cow bells, tambour)Barre Phillips (b, castanetes, whistle)Steve McCall (dr, triangle, tambour)Alain Corneau (claves, cow bells).the film about which i know

very little came out in 1970,and was apparently released on video in the early 90's
if any one has any of marion browns unsissued

enjoy cheers


Brent said...

thanks, dipmong!

i'm new to m.b. but very excited about his work. i'm curious, though, about what other "rarities" you're looking for. what else is out there other than what you've got here and what james posted at his blog last year?

Anonymous said...

Wow! another rare gem from Marion Brown. He is definately one of the greats. Some of his stuff is next to impossible to find (this being one of them). Thank you again for posting.

dipmong said...

hi brent
i recommend you go to the saturn web discogs site,where as youll see there are about 10 MB unreleased sessions from 1964 to 1970, and much more besides, a lot of browns later records were only released in japan.
now if blue note greats like andrew hill,and wayne shorter have had (deservedly)every scrape of their 60's stuff issued includin previously unreleased things why should'nt brown?
cheers and thanks anon.

ghostrancedance said...

Thank you so much for this marvelous upload. I've been a Marion Brown fan for a long time and never in a million years expected to find this rare album.
It took me awhile to get back this far chronologically on your superb blog and I was very happy to find the link still active. Thanks again!

el goog said...

Yes this is ultra rare.
I am just wanting this album.
Thank you so much.
and I added your two Marion Brown to my November's post.

el goog

ubu said...

Thanks a lot for this!

Would anyone know what's the sequence of the titles?

twing:kling said...

Film details, artwork, and VHS rip:


onxidlib said...

Hi twing:kling - looking forward to watch the movie - appreciated!

twing:kling said...

You are quite welcome onxidlib. :)

Marcel Camus was also the director of 'Black Orpheus' (1959), a classic if you are a fan of Brasilian music. From an earlier description of 'Un Ete Sauvage' I didn't expect it to be an oddball comedy, but so it is. I'd certainly like to know how Marion got involved with such a curious project.

Thanks again for keeping the soundtrack link active. I'd lost the files a few years ago and the vinyl remains unobtainable.

Such a killer band! I wish Hampel/Ambrose/Phillips/McCall had recorded more with Marion Brown. According to his sessionography they were quite active in 1968, but I've yet to discover any recordings aside from this soundtrack and 'In Sommerhausen' with Jeanne Lee.

onxidlib said...

@ twing:kling -

There's another similar group with
Marion Brown,as Gunter Hampel,vib,bcl Ambrose Jackson,tp Buschi Niebergall,b Steve McCall,dr.

They recorded a LP called "Gesprächsfetzen" on Calig in 1968 which is OOP.

Will put it on my 'to do' list.

twing:kling said...

Thanks for the reminder, I forgot about 'Gesprächsfetzen'. That's a great one.

Has anyone heard the Gunter Hampel All Stars 'Jubilation' from 1983 on Birth Records?

Looks very promising:

Alto Saxophone – Marion Brown
Bass – Barre Phillips
Clarinet – Perry Robinson
Drums – Steve McCall
Trombone – Albert Mangelsdorff
Trumpet – Manfred Schoof
Vibraphone, Bass Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone – Gunter Hampel
Voice – Jeanne Lee

onxidlib said...

I have a rip of Jubilation, yet it's still available > http://www.gunterhampelmusic.de/orderlist/orderlist-1.html as are most of Hampel's recordings.

There's another Hampel with Manfred Schoof plus Lee, Keyserling, Robinson, Rabold and Bues > "Transformation" from 1976; recorded at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival.

twing:kling said...

I'll take that as a recommendation. :) I was searching for the 'Jubilation' LP, but it's good to know the CD is still available direct from Hampel.

onxidlib said...

It certainly is a recommendation - plus the CD has 10 minutes more music!

twing:kling said...

Regarding Marion Brown and 'Le Temps Fou/Un Ete Sauvage':


CA: And there was also the soundtrack, 'Le Temps Fou'.

MB: Marcel Camus loved black music, and he loved black people. He married a Brazilian woman, and let me tell you, she was gorgeous!

LOL! :)

miloo2 said...

I have found a cool flac upload of Le Temps Fou in 2 parts. As RS link in original post seems dead, check it here -
Part 1, Part 2. A great album, with complete info.

sotise said...

Heres my own Raw Warts and all, un mastered rip of le temps fou,

Hookfinger said...

Thanks sotise for the rip of this rarity.

SOTISE said...

link to the raw rip, ought to now be functional.


Anonymous said...


onxidlib said...

Hi Sotise - maybe you could move the link into your public folder.

MarquisSmith said...

Any chance of another reup?

nick said...

fyi the RS links are dead, but the mediafire links posted above by miloo2 are still active. thank you all for this amazing music!

wcpaeb said...

Here's a Marion Brown rarity.
I just posted a video performancefrom French TV in 1967.
Unfortunately, it's very brief.


Unknown said...

I own a copy of Marion Brown's Le Temps Fou. If anyone wants, I could make a copy of it, at least provided such an individual would be willing to make me a copy of recordings that I do not possess in any form. At the top of my wants list is:

Willem Breuker Contemporary Jazz From Holland, recorded October 26-27, 1966 and released on Relax 33004 and Wergo 80002.

A question: does Marion Brown's soundtrack actually appear on the Marcel Camus film, Un Été Sauvage?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Link for the Breuker is still good.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Once I've watched "Un Ète Sauvage". I was quite disappointed by the movie - kind of French screwball comedy.
But if I recall correctly the music was - partially - added to the film. The best parts of the movie were seeing Barre Phillips playing his double bass in the streets....
And what else are you looking for?

Chris said...

Re-rip New Links

Marion Brown - Le Temps Fou {FLAC} (1968) Side A

Marion Brown - Le Temps Fou {FLAC} (1968) Side B

Marion Brown - Le Temps Fou {FLAC} (1968)

francisco santos said...


Certifiablockhead said...

thanks for Le Temps Fou -flac-

greetings from Guayaquil...