6 March 2007

dial-'infraction' released 1996 (no wave, avant rock)

heres a mysterious cd ive had for a while,a friend claimed he once read a review,that suggested this was an all female trio with some connections to the
little recorded late 70's newyork nowave band ut.
i have no idea if theres any connection. i cant find a
single referance to this anywhere that provides any more info than is on the cover.
all i can say is its a stunningly powerful album of very free rock with tunes that are minimaly composed a couple of the tracks are free improvs.
truly one of the best things in this vein ive ever heard.its ecstatic allright in its own numbed out way.sounds like it could even have been recorded in the late 70's or at any time between then and now.
if any body knows anything about the people on this disc please leave a comment. anyone liking classic mars, teenage jesus,early sonic youth
harry pussy,or even the nz free rock scene a la corpus hermeticum won't be disapointed.
BUY OTHER MUSIC BY DIAL,(AND IF YOU FIND ANY LEAVE A COMMENT WITH FULL DETAILS,I WANT MORE)the info which is included in the file lists these people as
j.ham-guitar,vocals r.smith-guitar,drum machine, d.weeks-bass
ripped to 192 vbr mp3


Anonymous said...

This is Jacqui Ham (ex-UT)'s project. I don't think there is another Dial release and I think she has now retired from music, sadly. Yes, an amazing CD. UT released 4 albums in the 1980s which are all superb, but their masterpiece is "early live life". I think they have all been reissued on CD recently except for that one! hope this helps.

dipmong said...

anon thanks
forshedding some light on this album i havent heard any of ut's albums,but ill certainly try to track some down ,how about sharing
'early life live' if you want to it would be greatly appreciated
you cn contact me at

finn said...

There was a second album from Dial, Distance Runner from 2000, which is still available from Forced Exposure from Ecstatic Peace at least (and for cheap!).

finn said...

Wow, miracle of the backspace button, learn it, use it. I just meant Ecstatic Peace (tho I now note that Infraction is also available from FE).

Anonymous said...

Dial is putting out 3rd CD "168k" in a few months
and many more planned
"Infraction" and "Distance Runner" are available through Ecstatic Peace in USA and Amanita in Europe plus various others- also at select stores like Ear Wax in Brooklyn
Dial will have web site soon but you can email them at cede@optonline.net. You can also get Dial CD's direct from Cede

Ut will be re-releasing all its old stuff on CD at one point. In Gut's House and Griller re-released on Mute last year and available everywhere and to download from itunes. Ut has a myspace and will be expanding its website utmusic.net in coming months. There is cool store in Seattle that has all Ut stuff and may even have copy of Early Live Life.
Also old Ut records are often to be found in London second hand record stores.

Anonymous said...

All of Ut's stuff is terrific - if you DO see any of it "in London second hand stores" snap it up 'cos some of it's pretty scarce. I bought most of their stuff when it first came out but am only REALLY starting to appreciate it now, they were THAT far ahead of their time. Saw them live a couple of times & they were fascinating to watch as they seemed to do everything backwards (!), very odd but great.

All of Dial's releases seem frustratingly difficult to find (hence my downloading this one) - sort this out somebody 'cos I'd prefer to own them than rip 'em!

Nice post (thanks). IBx

Andrea said...

Hi. I've interviewed UT and have posted a few tracks when I hosted No Wave Week last year. [Ut live track here: http://www.warpedrealitymagazine.com/2008/06/interview_byron_coley.html] You can also read a bit more about Dial's most recent album, 168k here: http://www.warpedrealitymagazine.com/2007/09/dial.html

Doomette said...

Many thanks for this. Does anyone have Ut's "Early Live Life"? , I've been searching for it for some time.....