25 February 2007

marion brown,a unique and true original.

hi all

the great marion brown has always been one of my very favourite jazz musicians.

a true original with a unique tone, please BUY AS MANY MARION BROWN CDS AS YOU CAN FIND!!! jubalee is one of my personal favourites it follows on from his first esp session which is also very highly recommended,and shares with that release a lot of the personnel and many structural affinities.one thing that distinguishes brown from the run of the mill esp crowd,for me is the notable structural integrity of his compositions ,

they are always interesting and run a huge gamut from modal and completely free , as well as complex highly chromatic bebop /hardbop extensions. JUBALEE' has been criminally unavailable for many many years.i could not even find a decent review.

the personnel is as follows.marion brown, grachan moncur-trb,reggie maupin-tenor,bscl, alan shorter-flug h,trpt dave burrell-pno,reggie johnson-db,beaver harris-dr

please note i will be posting more marion brown that is unavailable soon.

i also have a few requests

live in esslingen germany,1969

geechee recollections impulse 1973?

vista-1975 if any one hs any of these contct me through comments leaving an e mail adress(preferably not your home adress)and ill invite you to post them on this blog,or we will make some other arrangement. OTHER MARION BROWNcds CAN BE FOUND AT THE NOTHING IS BLOG(THEY TOO HAVE NOT BEEN REISSUED)check the links section , go there download
those and ask JAMES to come back from his vacation.
track listing is 1)512e12 ,2)the visitor 3)jubalee 4)idutus all by m.brown save for idutus by a shorter(i think)
thanks all comments would be appreciated,your thoughts on mb the album whatever


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this fantastic post. So far i love everything i have heard involving Marion Brown. Can't wait to see what you post next!

dipmong said...

its a pleasure anon
why remain anon? would you like to post some of your rarities.or merely put up links to your uploads.
if so in the case of the former
contact me at dipmong@hotmail.com
that goes for anybody

Brent said...

sorry i didn't figure this out earlier...

what a fantastic album. i cannot believe that this isn't available on cd yet. to my mind it's miles ahead of *quartet* and *why not?* & i'm not just talking about the blowout in the first track; "iditus" sounded beautifully fragile even as i listened to it while riding on a chicago bus. (incidentally, braxton lists the chicago transit authority as one of his primary influences in the liner notes to *three compositions of new jazz.*) this one sounds much closer to *3 for shepp* and *porto novo* to my ears.

Michael said...

Many thanks. Can you please tell me the recoding date, and the track titles? (Unless they're hidden somehwere here, and I haven't found them???).

centrifuge said...

it's november 1966 in nyc, not found anything more specific than that yet. track titles are indeed in dipmong's text!

"iditus" has to be by alan shorter - it bears a very distinct resemblance to his "mephistopheles", from brother wayne's the all-seeing eye... virtually two different versions of the same piece.

marion brown seems to be ridiculously poorly-served by reissue programmes; considering he actually recorded quite a lot as a leader, there's hardly anything in print. scandalous :(

dipmong said...

thanks for your comments, ive never understood why browns so overlooked,hes one of the more inventive players from the 2nd wave
of 60's free jazz,even his best known album 3 for shepp on impulse
apparently never sold very well.
if anyone,perhps you centrifuge have any of his rarer records you might consider posting them here i intend to upload le temps fous from 69 soon but thats about the only brown album i have thats not currently available.
why cimp,blacksaint,ecm or any of the better knownlabels dont have brown on their roster beats me.people obviously want to hear his stuff because according to the fileho! stats this is approaching 120 downs
cheers dipmong