16 September 2010

Bill Dixon-Intents and Purposes-1966-from ( Fr-RCA-lp fxl1 7331)FLAC


freebones said...

i have this, but i know from years of searching that it is VERY hard to find. thank you for making it available to a wider audience, and in FLAC no less! kudos!


sasha said...

Wow! This looks very interesting..B Dixon is one of those musicians I definately would cross the road for, so to speak..Thanks freebones..The orchestral side of his work I know less..His brass work is one of the wonders of music.

Stephen Haynes said...

What you (all, likely!) may not know is that Intents and Purposes will be reissued by years end. No comments at this point regarding the quality or scope of that enterprise, but thought folks should know.

On a somewhat related note, Bill Dixon's last concert recording, from FIMAV 2010, recorded May 23, 2010 will see release by year's end on the Victo label.

Follow Bill Dixon on Facebook. A new website is on the way. Stay in touch, y'all!

mikey said...

thanks for the tips, Stephen!

bongomccongo said...

wow! i've wanted to hear this for ages. nice to know it will be available again by years end. i think it lives up to its reputation. I notice that all the black saint / soul note recordings are available in a box set.
many thanks for such an informative and compelling blog.