29 September 2017



1. The Creator Has a Master Plan (sic)  52:20

Apart from the track obviously not being 'The Creator Has a Master Plan', the cd is lacking an accurate personnel listing.
This is correct: 
Pharoah Sanders & Starship Orchestra, Live at Montreux Jazz Festival - July 22, 1978

Pharoah Sanders: tenor sax
Norman Connors: drums, tymp, percussions
Duke Jones: trumpet
Buzzy Jones: tenor sax, flute
Bobby Lyle: piano
Billy McCoy: piano, electric piano
Jacques Burvick: keyboards
Greg Hill: guitar
Alex Blake: electric bass
Petro Bass: percussion, congas
Lawrence Killian: congas

I always thought this session tailed off somewhat after a strong start, however after coming across the second half of it on YouTube video, I found it quite exciting.  The band certainly works itself into a frenzy, Connors particularly, who falls off a table after bashing hell out of the gongs.
Well worth watching: (possibly start at 3:50)

Does anyone know the tune?


Andy said...


Arizona Phossils said...

Sounds like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYKHCvmu1z4

Little Tony Negri said...

The tune is a version of "You've Got to Have Freedom" without the vocal chorus, the studio version is on "Journey To The One" released a couple of years later.
Thanks for the rip!

jim said...

Thanks Andy for pointing this out, Norman does a Pete Townshend!

jim said...

Sorry Andy, I forgot to thank you for the music. Thank you!

francisco santos said...


Andy said...

@ Arizona Phossils and Little Tony Negri. I'm not really getting You've Got to Have Freedom. It transpires that some of this cd appears on the album Beyond a Dream by Pharoah Sanders and Norman Connors. The first 4:35 as Montreux Overture, but I now recognise the tune as Elevation. Where the piano solo is at the start of the video is a track called The End of the Beginning attributed to Bobby Lyle. When the horns come in the track is given the name Casino Latino but it fades before the end on the cd. Casino Latino doesn't sound much like a Pharoah title, but the tune sounds familiar - I just can't place it.
Beyond a Dream (thanks to original riploader)

Danny said...

Hi Andy
All info on this CD (and a complete discography, photos, etc) can be found here :
I also have the CD and the music is great.

apf said...

Thank you!

correct silence said...

finally took time to listen to the music and yes the first track is Elevation but the second track is a preview version of You've got to have freedom.

Abu Adam said...

Thank you Andy for this amazing recording. My two favorite Pharoah tunes in one superb live segue. The second track also squeezes in a nice chant section from The Gathering, also from the album Elevation. The crowd response gives me the impression that it was not the first time You've Got to Have Freedom was previewed.