2 June 2014


This is partially a re-up from Sotise's March 2010 post. Apart from a more detailed line-up and track listing (plus the picture above) it's the same post with new links.
The following is from Sotise's original post >

Here's another , magnificent radio broadcast of European Free music . this time from NDR Hamburg.

For those who missed the Short lived seed recently at Dime-a-Dozen... here it is again!

Incredible that this has been preserved , a wonderfully detailed vibrant music which catches Riley and Oxley at the tail end of mainstream Musical culture's, very brief flirtation with Free music .
Both had been recorded by CBS releasing perhaps the least pop radio friendly records ever .

The good news is that for the most part Oxley and Riley's CBS albums have recently been made available again.

This is more or less an extention of the material on those records particularly Tony Oxley's the Baptised Traveller, 1969 ( now on Sony Columbia - 494438)
and Four Compositions for Sextet - 1970 (Sony Columbia - 494437)
Indeed the final track on this radio broadcast is Saturnalia , from 4 compositions ,performed by an extended group of 12.

The line up reads like a who's who of European free Improv in 1970 , and the sound on this is Outstanding! .. kudos to NDR studios , you can be sure these guys were barely registering on the BBC Radar back in the UK at that time...

thanks to Ernst , and 'Jazzrita'.

Howard Riley / Tony Oxley : "Convolution"-Hamburg,Funkhaus des NDR,Studio 10, 23.01.1970

Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Manfred Schoof, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Paul Rutherford, trombone
Michel Portal, bass clarinet, alto saxophone
Gerd Dudek, clarinet, tenor saxophone
Evan Parker,s soprano & tenor saxophone
Howard Riley, piano
Derek Bailey, guitar
Jeff Clyne, bass
Barry Guy, bass
Tony Oxley, drums, percussion
Alan Jackson, drums

1. Convolution (H. Riley)     42:44
   Solos: Parker (ts); Dudek (ts); Wheeler (tpt); Schoof (tpt); Parker (ts); Rutherford; Riley; Bailey; Guy (arco); Clyne (pizzacato); Guy/Clyne (pizzacato); Oxley/Jackson

2. Deeper (H. Riley)     8:06
3. Eclipse (H. Riley) (fade out))     7:50
   Riley, Guy, Oxley only. Solos: Oxley/Guy, Riley

4. Saturnalian (T. Oxley)     9:32
   Solos: Guy (arco); Parker (ts); Rutherford; Schoof (tpt)

Recorded at Studio 10, Großer Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg January 23, 1970.

Whirlpool aka Saturnalian, officially released on the promo lp Die Jazz Werkstatt, NDR 1970, see Barry Guys Discography

Here are 2 personal favourites.in the vein of larger ensembles ... a little suggested listening to those discovering this music, other than the 2 mentioned early in the post.

Tony Oxley celebration orchestra - 'The Enchanted Messenger' - Soul Note 121284 ( one of the greatest!!)
Barry Guy & the London Jazz Composers Orchestra - 'Ode' featuring both Oxley & Riley - 1972  (originally on Incus, now on Intakt - CD 041)

RELEVANT link...( all in print and available anywhere)

and here you can find a list of NDR Broadcasts


from the comments
Johann says
"It is MICHEL PORTAL who plays cl and as here - and not MICHEL PILZ! There is a mistake in the circulating list of the NDR Jazz Workshops."


Anonymous said...

It is MICHEL PORTAL who plays cl and as
here - and not MICHEL PILZ! There is a
mistake in the circulating list of the
NDR jazz workshops.


amnesia said...

Thanks, what a beauty!

dave said...

This has The Blessed Derek Bailey on it which is the real attraction for me. I usually prefer his solo/small ensemble work (oh Limescale!) so this is a lovely opportunity for me. Thanks very much!

matt w said...

Wow, this looks great. And you're right to recommend the Enchanted Messenger (as well as the CBS stuff) -- that's one of my favorite big-band free improv records. Bill Dixon is the featured guest, if anyone needs any more incentive to go buy it.

SOTISE said...

thanks for your imput Johann!

Dave , hope you arent dissapointed this is not a small group, but a 12 piece!.....Derek is rather auxillary on this one... amazing none the less though!

'limescale' .. shit yeah .great album .. amplified bricks and all.

Arcturus said...

this looks fantastic, sotise - I've been enjoying going back & listening to some Rutherford of late, so this fits in quite nicely, thanks!

1009 said...

Very cool, thanks!

Anyone else have problems with a couple of tracks? I only got 2 & 4 to unpack properly. I'll try the downloads again to see if that fixes it. These two tracks sound great so far though!

SOTISE said...

1009, Hope it works for you ... you know my feelings about i-tunes ,for importing Flacs .. i once used the program on my PC ... crazy!!.. but actually you are talking about the rars ... there was no apparent problem in the upload and i always test using Winrar before uploading ..

perhaps someone who has downloaded these can help out ... i still have the rars on my drive and have unpacked them no problems...
sometimes problems occur for no forseeable reason..

kinabalu said...

Same problem here, tracks 2 and 4 are OK, tracks 1 and 3 don't unpack, winrar says CRC fails, file is corrupt.

matt w said...

Same problem here using RAR Expander for the mac -- fails to unpack Track 1 (and then stops trying).

SOTISE said...

confirmation..ok ,new links on the way ,ill incorporate them into the post...dont know why that happens sometimes during the upload process..


SOTISE said...
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matt w said...

thanks for the re-up!

1009 said...

Came out great! Thanks S/M!

kinabalu said...

Thanks,m. These work fine.

reservatory said...

This is a lifesaver, since I lost a hard drive a couple of days after I downloaded this gem from DIME, played it and loved it. THANKS!

bozo the clown said...

These are the kind of discoveries that making toughing it out thru clown-school worthwhile. Ever notice that there is no Evan Parker with Howard Riley in a quartet setting available? {correct me if i am wrong!} That would be"Unreal". Too bad this large group wasn't issued at the time. Oh, to have been able to listen to German Radio back then!

Anonymous said...

Can you re-post this as the links seem to be gone on rapidshare. It comes up as ERROR file not found.

Anonymous said...

^Pretty Please???

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onxidlib said...
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Colin Green said...

Many thanks for making this available again. A valuable recording.

Solomon said...

Thank you.

beautifulnoise said...

Thanks for this great re-up! Unfortunately track 4 is broken. Listen to it, and you will hear, what I mean. Any chance to upload a fixed track 4? Would be great! Thanks for your effort.

onxidlib said...

Yes track 4 is corrupted. I try to find the D. The version I have on my pc is also corrupted.
Will need some time, though.
Hopefully tr. on the CD is fine.
Otherwise I have to sak for it elsewhere - this would need some more time....

onxidlib said...
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beautifulnoise said...

Great! "Saturnalian" runs fine now. Thanks a lot!

JC said...

Thanks for the diligence in fixing this (and bringing it back to the front). Don't think I had the good fortune of catching the original post lo so many years ago and before I knew about this blog.

Remarkable music and recording.

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