11 January 2009

Schiaffini, Innaccone, Colombo -Sic Trio-Altri Pezzi(Red records Vpa 137)1978

Here's the other record on red by the Sic Trio, as Lym points out in his post these are essential documents of the Italian free scene in the late 70's.
Not quite as anarchic as either the German free scene as documented by FMP or the British and Dutch Scenes , it has its own distinctive identity and is as far from generic plink plonk caricature's as one could hope for.
i cant add all that much to LYM's review of pezzo the preceding album by the trio.
except to add that these records have been richly rewarding over the years for me as a listener.
Giancarlo Schiaffini it has to be said is one of the late 20th century masters both as a composer(of electronic, chamber and orchestral music) ,jazz player and free improvising trombonist..his technique and breadth of invention the equal to any better known name...these records are breathtakingly stunning and deserve wider currency.

Its a little known fact that Red records were in the vanguard of italian labels documenting 'free improvised music' in the late 70's.

However by the early eighties clearly influenced by the 'neo classical' zeitgeist permeating through from the states they more or less reversed their exploratory program to focus on music in a much more conventional hard bop mode... with a few exceptions most of their early catalog has not been reissued and seems unlikely to be, a real pity since they document an underrated, VERY under documented scene.

this is another Rip from Iain's Collection!


1009 said...

Very glad to see this, as I enjoyed the other record immensely. Thanks much.

kinabalu said...

Yeah, Red did also do a Johnny Dyani record called "African Bass" which was a duo with Clifford Jarvis. That ought to be posted here. I'll put it on the to do - list ...

wightdj said...

Thanks for this, Schiaffini is a giant.

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thank you


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Flac Pics

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Re-up please? Thanks.