28 January 2008

Steve Lacy trio with M.togashi, M.yoshizawa- stalks 1975( nippon columbia, YQ-7507-N (LP) cassette rip ,lame 256

Heres something that has been requested repeatedly in the comments on lacy posts( especially by brent/ 1001)
One of lacy’s finest from the period, with masters like togashi and yoshizawa on board it couldn’t be otherwise.
This is unaccountably rare , ive only ever seen the one copy.

This is ripped from a cassette I made of a friend of a friends copy some 15 years ago.
Thanks to CL for copying my cassette onto disc 2 years or so ago

Its ripped to vbr 256 , and sounds rather good, flac is possible ,but it wont eliminate tape hiss!
i havent seperated the tracks, so the whole 45 minutes is one file, im hardly the most competent at track seperation ,my few attempts with this were disastrous.

Lineage- lp>>tdk sa-x chrome oxide, cassette(using a teac deck)>>out put –tascam multi track tape deck .>>cdr

STALKS: Steve Lacy

1/ Stalks (Lacy) 10:35
2/ Moon (Lacy) 9:24
3/ Japanese Duck (Lacy) 6:40
4/ The Wane (Lacy) 6:46
5/ Bone (Lacy) 4:47

Recorded at Nippon Columbia 1st Studio, Tokyo, June 7, 1975

Steve Lacy: soprano; Masahiko Togashi: percussion; Motoharu Yoshizawa: bass.

1975 - Columbia (Japan), YQ-7507-N (LP)
on the original cassette, i used a short track from another great album "outlaws"(to fill out the tape) by jeremy steig and eddie gomez on the enja label , from roughly the same time (mid 70's) if someone has the lp and could post it, that would be great.
so track 6) is outlaws ,from the album of the same name
jeremy steig- flute, eddie gomez- db


sotise said...


1009 said...

Thanks for this, Mr. Sotise! I'm looking forward to hearing it, tape hiss or no!

bronzemedalist1971 said...

thanks again for another amazing recording.

I should be paying you tuition, you are my University of Jazz.

jazzme said...

I know that you have to rar or zip at the end of a file but I cannot seem to get the end part of the post figured out Steve

uCi_X said...

Hi Sotise,

I like Togashi a lot, and now with Lacy… Guau!
Surprises never end with you.
Thanks, thanks, thanks…

I left a comment to you on previous post (Nels Cline),
about the music I can share (several video concerts, the interesting thing is that all of them are unpublished)…

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely - thank you very much!

glmlr said...

Thanks, gentlemen! This one's hard to find. Very hard!

jazzme said...

If there is anyone who can help me with the last part of the link it would be appreciated thank you

jazzme said...

Anyone who can help me out have two choice discs to load to this site that people will love to get just don't know how to put them here they are in rapidshare right now

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1009 said...

Here's *Stalks* broken up into tracks (should be the same kbps):


(and also minus this crazy flute stuff that sotise is trying to expose us to)

glmlr said...

Thanks, 1009, for sorting out "Stalks"!

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to find all the free jazz music at the below pages. Thanks! With these Steve Lacy Record, I'm now 20 down, and 22 to go! Thanks Again!



marten512 said...

Quite wonderful. Thankyou.