8 November 2017

Don Cherry Trio + 1 - Live In Copenhagen October 3, 1970 - Remastered Version

Here is a remastered version of this concert previously posted in the early days of « IS » and updated by Kinabalu in March 2016. Sound is so important for me that when I downloaded the original file I was so disappointed by the sound quality that I deleted it immediately. Some years after my interest in the music of Don Cherry and particularly in this period of his music became stronger than my reluctance about poor sound quality and I downloaded it again but the sound haven’t changed… So I thought that the best way was trying to remaster it and it is this result that I present today. The original source is probably an audience recording and in many moments the sound of each players is not clear, particularly when the level of the percussions is high. Johny Dyani is playing with a level of intensity that is totally incredible and one of my purpose was to make is sound more clear. But you can’t recreate what is not in the source and the remastering of a poor source is always a question of point of view. Someone else could choose a different way of sound engineering. If you want you can compare with the original file, still available and if someone else want to try another remastering… why not?

Last but not least Makaya Ntchoko is credited as the drummer of the band but I’m almost sure that it is not him who is playing but Okay Temiz. Two reasons makes me think this way, first when you listen carefully the use of percussions is totally similar to Temiz’s style and this concert comes from the famous and under recorded period when Cherry had his trio with Dyani and Temiz.

Don Cherry :cnt, fl, Ram's Horn, zurna, double fl, Gourd
Dan Nedergaard : tpt
Johnny Dyani : bass, perc
Okay Temiz (?) drums, perc

Recorded October 3, 1970 Bristol Music Center Copenhagen


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remastered version
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Not even going to bother Dl the original... ur description and the subsequent praise of your work by the posters above makes this Cherry gem irresistible.