2 October 2017

Karl Berger - From Now On - 1966

Obviously this lp have never been posted here and even never requested… Strange.
ESP have never reissued it and seems not to reissue it in the future… Strange too!
Here we have tracks that are played non stop to create a sort of suite à la « complete communion ». No need to say something about the quality of the music.

Side a
-Turn Around

Side b
-Blue Early Bird
-Like That
-From Now On

Alto Saxophone: Carlos Ward
Bass: Henry Grimes
Drums: Ed Blackwell
Vibraphone: Karl Berger

Recorded December 1966

vinyl rip


correct silence said...


James Manion said...

Awesome correct, Thank you!

francisco santos said...

nice one c.s.!...

sandor essedy said...

Thanks for this rare thing! A great time!

Clifford Allen said...

Classic LP.

Not sure why it's never been reissued -- perhaps the masters were lost?

correct silence said...

Hey Clifford, long time we haven't seen you here. Perhaps the masters have been lost but it is possible to reissue from a lp, if ESP want mine I can provide!
Something that have absolutely no relation with Berger, I'm after this one
Do you know it?

Clifford Allen said...

Wow, never seen that Notspielplatz Zürich record before.

I clarified with a current ESP employee that Berger wanted the album deleted as he was unhappy with the recording/mix. It is a bit lo-fi (or odd-fi) so I can understand this. Not sure if the issues of balance and dimness could be corrected in 2017...

Keep up the great posts; I've been lurking but otherwise laying low.

rev.b said...

The current story at the ESP-Disk' website is that Karl wasn't happy with the fidelity of the tapes and so requested the album be pulled and not reissued. At least, that's the story they tell these days. So perhaps he has the tapes. Perhaps he didn't relish the prospect of not being paid royalties like most ESP artists reported. Whatever the story, just because this wasn't requested doesn't mean it's not well regarded. I really love this record. Back when I was in school, I had a light schedule on Thursdays, leaving my afternoons free. I have fond memories of Thursday afternoons spent drinking tea listening to From Now On, along with Jimmy Lyons' Other Afternoons. "Other" afternoons are among the things that make live sweeter.

Igor said...

Many thanks for sharing this beautiful music, correct silence.

This album was in circulation as an mp3 and it could be, at least partially, the reason why it was not sought.

Tantris said...

New to me; will be looking out for a good copy of the LP now.

Unknown said...
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