16 August 2017

Douglas R. Ewart & Inventions Clarinet Choir - Red Hills

To introduce this post, a small note intended for those who are only able to bring criticism but nothing more, you are not obliged to download content if for some reason you do not like it. 

Here is a rarity.

Douglas Ewart is one important member of the AACM since the early seventies. He have played with almost all the musicians of this association and you can find him on records by George Lewis, Muhal Richard Abrams or Anthony Braxton to name a few.
In the early eighties Ewart started is own record company: Arawak and the two first releases were tapes. Here is the first one probably recorded in 1985.

Douglas Ewart b-flat bass clarinet, contrabass b-flat clarinet, b-flat soprano clarinet, endblown flute (on Jamaican bamboo)
Edward Wilkerson b flat soprano clarinet (not on whale song)
Mwata Bowden e-flat soprano clarinet, contra alto clarinet, e-flat sopranino clarinet, b-flat sopranino clarinet
J.D. Parran contra alto clarinet, e-flat alto clarinet (only on whale song and red hills)

1. ofo
2. whale song
3. red hills
4. Jamaican bamboo

Instruments are listed in the order they are played.

The music is deeply soulful and spiritual. The meaning of the title is in relation with Martin Luther King’s speech pronounced on August 28, 1963. Here are the words:
« I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slaves owners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood. »

With the « Invention Clarinet Choir » Douglas Ewart have made a second record:
It seems that Mr Ewart still have some copies of this cd, that includes more guiding lights of the AACM.

…and for those who still understand that it is important to pay for getting music, for the present of the musicians and the future of the culture you can purchase two recent releases featuring Douglas Ewart, both are great:

Arawak 002 cassette rip.


correct silence said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, and here is a bit more info about the recording...


francisco santos said...


Solomon said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

excellent - love Ewart - shame there isn't more recordings of him playing alto sax from the 70s / 80s
have a few of his recordings but nothing I can post here since they are all still in print
didn't know these two bandcamp recordings - thanks for linking - good move

this is exactly why I love this place

correct silence said...

To go on the subject of Douglas Ewart, some years ago a live recording in quartet with Jeff Parker, Hamid Drake and Wadada Leo Smith was available but unfortunately no more:
If someone have this concert and could share it, it would be great.

wightdj said...

Appreciated, thanks.

Hyde said...


Igor said...

Wonderful! Big thanks, cs.

Anonymous said...
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correct silence said...

There are other Douglas Ewart records that are worthy of interest but it is true that you have to pay to get them and it seems that for some of you paying for music is a problem.
Thinking that "Inconstant Sol" is there to provide the ideal discography is a mistake. The purpose of this blog is to keep alive recordings that for various reasons may disappear from our knowledge. This blog is not enough to itself, the music continues to be done in the present. If for some people the ideal discography is the one that is not paid, this is a problem to me because it supposes that my posts and others also potentially harm the musicians which was not the original goal.
I'll give you a revelation, like you, musicians have to pay to eat and also for housing, it seems incredible and yet it is true. But even worse, publishing a record also costs money: renting the studio, paying for a sound engineer, making the record, and so on.
But everyone can continue to enjoy this place as a cash cow, which is tantamount to trampling musicians and producers, everyone takes responsibility and must be aware of the consequences of his actions.

corvimax said...
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Anonymous said...
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corvimax said...

sorry, maybe the link is not very clear, also I forgot to cut the name, that's why is so long, but it goes so: Douglas Ewart, Wadada Leo Smith, Jeff Parker, Hamid Drake - Guelph Jazz Festival, 2005


correct silence said...

If you read the comments of the older posts of "inconstant Sol » you will see that the followers gave their impressions on the music that they had listened to, evoked other references or recalled memories of concerts ... But times are changing, nowadays there are followers Who write that they are happy to have had a Douglas Ewart for free and that they won’t buy any more ... If the ocean level increases, the comments drop dramatically. I found a comment from Boromir (a former contributor) who was fulminating about the low number of thanks in comparison to the number of downloads; If only we were still there ... Now there is no more thanks but there are guys who dare to proclaim loud and clear that they don’t want to pay for music and when they are pointed out that this attitude is deleterious, , Instead of closing their mouths, they insist.
At first "anonymous", you do well to remain anonymous because the level of what you bring better is not to reveal your identity. But especially if you are not the only one to have this point of view, I advise you to be more discreet and continue to fill your big digital belly in silence. We have the courtesy not to censure your irresponsible comments but if you could stop polluting my post with your canine dejections I will be happy enough. Moreover, you will do well to have a little more respect for those who feed you because if I can not take back from you what you have already downloaded or prevent you from continuing to do it, I could very well stop feeding you if You know what I mean. Of course it is everyone who would suffer the consequences and it is a shame but your insolence could not remain unanswered. Your parents did not teach you that when one eats, one does not speak with one's mouth full?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be irritating. How many downloads does an inconstantsol release like this have? Am I the only "bad guy" now? Come on. How many folks here contacted Ewart and ordered a CD from him based on this post? And did you, correct silence? While I don't want to harm the musicians. I'm just happy about all this free education. Inconstantsol is like the only place one can learn these things exist. Problem is clear but what do you do? Keep downloading. I'm sorry.

correct silence said...

Many thanks for this incredible gift. I've been totally knocked out by this show. I think that this concert have been officially recorded because one very small part of it is on the cd Velvet Fire, it is the title "George Bush#". Checking the informations on the cd, it is written that all the music have been recorded in Chicago in 2009 but I'm almost sure that this title comes from the Guelph concert. I'm gonna ask him directly, if we could access to the official recording...
It seems that you have collected some older post here and somewhere else, I don't know if you have seen my request about Harry Tavitian "East West Combination"
The link is dead and til now nobody seems to have the flac file. I got in touch with Mr Tavitian himself, he have posted his 3 first lp on youtube and can't provide nothing more. So if luckily you have this file somewhere it would be great. Also if you have others lp's of Harry Tavitian it would be fantastic too.

corvimax said...

yes I have the flac file, I will upload it tomorrow.
in my deleted comment there was also a thank you for Red Hills, for long time I try to find it

correct silence said...

You're welcome Corvimax, it's my pleasure. I wanted to post "bamboo forest" the second tape published some years later but it's been around five years that Mr Ewart say that he will reissue it on cd... So let's wait five more years before posting it! Douglas Ewart is really not good to take care of his music, his discography is ridiculously small in comparison to the dozen of bands he have played with. One of his greatest records in my opinion is the number one in the "Beneath Detroit " collection.
Some physical copies of this recording are perhaps still available from the label or in the second hand market.
Waiting for the Tavitian with my gratitude.

corvimax said...

correct silence, I have all phisical CDs from Douglas Ewart, apart from Bamboo Forest; if I had to choose the best to me I would be very embarassed, since I like them all.
The Tavitian link is at his place:http://inconstantsol.blogspot.gr/2011/01/harry-tavitian-east-west-creativ.html

Anonymous said...
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Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

New link from correct silence

kevinass said...

thank you! I'm very excited

kevinass said...

This is fantastic! Thanks so much

unitstructure said...

Thanks for the share.I especially enjoyed the serenity of the last track.4/5 years ago I had the good fortune to hear a group led by Ewart with Ed Wilkerson among others.he continues to make great music.