27 February 2016


Here's the first (except this one...) in a series of recordings Erich Kleinschuster made with guests during his time for the ORF (Austrian broadcast).
Only a handful of these recordings were ever released in Austria only. And the two double CDs were OOP very soon.

Joe Henderson, tenor saxophone
Robert Politzer, trumpet
Erich Kleinschuster, trombone
Hans Salomon, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Fritz Pauer, piano, electric piano
Rudolf Hansen, bass
Erich Bachträgl, drums

1. Chelsea Bridge (B. Strayhorn)     4:45
Solos: Salomon (ts), Henderson

2. The Kicker (J. Henderson)     4:56
Solos: Kleinschuster, Salomon (ts), Politzer, Henderson

3. The Inner Urge (J. Henderson)     5:14
Solos: Hansen, Pauer, Henderson

4. Recorda Me (J. Henderson)     6:33
Solos: Henderson, Pauer, Hansen

5. Serenity (J. Henderson)     4:54
Solos: Pauer, Henderson

6. Mamacita (J. Henderson)     5:45
Solos: Salomon (ts), Politzer, Pauer

Recorded: October 13, 1968 at Austrophon Studios, Vienna.


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